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  1. smsunarto

    Terasology's 1st Screenshot Contest

    Screenshot Contest The idea is extremely simple, you just need to play Terasology and take cool and beautiful screenshots! Put your images as a comment below and the best "screenshotter" will win! The prize? Nothing yet :p But we will use your picture in Terasology's gallery, that's for sure...
  2. smsunarto

    TerasologyEdu Lesson Suggestion Format

    Note: this format is the bare minimum that the suggestion thread should have, feel free to add anything. Name of the lesson: Estimated length of the lesson (How many sessions? How many hours each?): Target audience (age range): Programming aspects taught: Required skill: 1. Describe your...
  3. smsunarto

    Post-GCI Module Reorganization/Clean Up

    Google Code-In 2016 is now over, and now it's time to reorganize the assets of the modules that have a lot of activities in GCI. Some prefab files are all over the place, some textures simply doesn't look right and/or doesn't fit the overall design of the game. To-Do List: Check for any GCI...
  4. smsunarto

    Suggested Maze World Gameplay

  5. smsunarto

    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    Any suggestions would be appreciated :D
  6. smsunarto

    WIP Design Unification Project (Web, Game, etc)

    Design Unification Project Goal: Create a design overhaul for all Terasology related application and site. To achieve this, I utilize Google's material design concept that provides clean looking style & multi-device support. To Do List: Forum (Xenforo): Splash...
  7. smsunarto

    Introducing a friend to Terasology

    Hey, recently I introduce my friend to Terasology. He is a really good developer and I thought I could also have some good feedback from him regarding the documentation. Quick background, he's also a GCI Participant, he's one of top 10 student in FOSSASIA apparently. He's also quiet an old...
  8. Isaac

    Java AWT Whitelist

    Terasology currently whitelists the entire java.awt package in, which might lead to some modules posing a security risk. Taking a look at the list of classes in the awt package here, these are the potentially unsafe classes in the package: Robot - allows for the...
  9. smsunarto

    Intro Heya! I'm smsunarto

    I haven't introduced myself here, so here it is :D Name: Scott 'smsunarto' Sunarto Social: From: Indonesia Skills / Tools: I love creating textures, I mainly use Photoshop/GIMP. I mainly codes in C++, and have a relatively low experience in Java (I used to create...
  10. smsunarto

    Suggested Fishing Module

    Fishing This module adds fishing mechanics into Terasology. Fishing can be done in bodies of water (Ocean, Pond, etc). Fish that you can get varies depending on the location of fishing and the quality of the fishing rod. The fishing mechanic is very simple. Once you found a body of water...
  11. smsunarto

    [GCI] Logo, Banner & Launcher Design

    Icons Used: Color Pallete: Fonts Used: - Bebas Neue - Aileron - Roboto Full Assets: