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  1. Adrijaned

    Question Cannot lauch in Linux Mint 19

    My first thoughts - what version of Java do you have installed, and have you installed OpenJFX? (Must be installed separately although it used to be a part of java itself)
  2. Adrijaned

    Planet Ice Cake

    There is too many names, the sentences all sound one like the other, there is no variety in the text. All I brought from the text is: there are colorful candies. I have no idea how the world actually looks like in your mind. You speak of some castle, but what kind of castle it is? Where it is...
  3. Adrijaned

    Caranov Dunn: Planet of Dunes

    Well, the world is described fairly well in the general terms, but it is missing something to make it click in my head, to be able to imagine it. Is it sand all the way down? How big are those dunes? How does the riddermark actually look? And how do the plants look? Are they massive old trees...
  4. Adrijaned

    Maze of the Ghokakmov

    Design notes: The world of the Maze of the Ghokakmov is a finite world in an endless void, comprised of valleys amidst high cliifs. The floors of these valleys are green with grass and overflowing with flowers, while the cliffs themselves are of bare stone, steep and rough, with only an...
  5. Adrijaned

    TSOC in the process!

    TSOC (short for "Terasology Season Of Code"), which was first mentioned in the GSOC announcement post, is finally seeing some planning work happening! The very first meeting about DestinationSol oriented projects happened today, on the 21st June 2019, and was mostly spent planning the future...
  6. Adrijaned

    GSOC 2019 - Complete!

    Announcements of accepted GSOC proposals are out, and so the work can begin! Just for summarization, as well as for those who have not been keeping with us lately, here is the list of our accepted proposals along with their brief descriptions and mentors: Apiculture (by Soundwave) - mentors...
  7. Adrijaned

    GSOC Project Rough Proposal on Gooeys's Quest

    With a shadow fall, a shape appeared. The sun was just setting down, but the world was soon to be overseen by The Woken from the Goo, the almighty governor, the all-known Gooey! He completely formed, and then he looked around and smiled. The cave he was in seemed to be one of the better ones...
  8. Adrijaned

    Contributor Hi! I'm Héricles

    Hey there, welcome!
  9. Adrijaned

    GSoC idea rough sketch: Distinct Terrain Features (Seeking Feedback)

    You don't want your world to be completely random, you want it to be deterministically random based on the world seed, at all times. Even if slight sacrifices in the world looks must be made (we are making a game, not a simulator after all. And players don't seek complete perfection). How could...
  10. Adrijaned

    Contributor Hi! This is PutawanDE

    Hey putawan, nice to see you here. Are you planning to go for GSOC 2019?
  11. Adrijaned

    Contributor Hi! Visan here!

    Hashcode? So, fast algorithms? Some parts of our project could really use that :p Anyways, welcome here and good luck!
  12. Adrijaned

    Contributor Hello! - It's @majordwarf

    Hey, welcome in here! Everyone eager to do some stuff open source is welcome here :)
  13. Adrijaned

    Design Unique Terasology constructed language ("conlang") script

    What I just noticed - either 'q' or 'l' must be changed to something else.
  14. Adrijaned

    Contributor Hi! This is Mayant

    Welcome to our forum :)
  15. Adrijaned

    Goolang (ideas about custom conlang)

    Another random thought dump: two-letter tokens would be for the special things, and would begin by one specific letter - that would leave the space for 26 special tokens List of required special tokens: and or not above below behind in front left right the storyteller/main hero after/later...
  16. Adrijaned

    Legend of Goo

    The time has come, to year 324 past the Fall of the Great Dragon. The elvish people have not yet finished mourning for the death of the Great, nor for the loss of the vast treelands, crashed and burned. But after those centuries, the eternal flames, last of the Great's remnants, started to cease...
  17. Adrijaned

    Question Can't connect to multiplayer

    Our servers are highly unstable, and so they often just crash and we don't even notice. Also, you could just have had a version mismatch between your game version and version of the server you tried to connect to. Most of the time, it's best to just come to our discord server at...
  18. Adrijaned

    Happy goo year!

    Let the year that is to come be better than any past one. Let new memories you get be only of things you don't want to forget. Make Tera get of modules a lot, each having its own sweet spot, in a story winding through it all. Make the development never stall, and APIs be clean for use, so we...