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  1. msteiger

    Suggested New background image(s)

    I'd like to suggest using a different background image or even a set of images. The different menu screen headings are currently hardly visible due to the bright clouds in the background. A few thoughts: a) Make the heading font darker - doesn't look good with text shadows d) Use...
  2. msteiger

    Request for code: Dialog editor

    With the new Dialogs module players can talk to world NPCs such as minions and L&S entities. To make it easier for content creators, a dialog editor would be helpful imho. It should provide an intuitive GUI for non-computer-experts to write funny/interesting/storytelling dialogs for different...
  3. msteiger

    Implementation Dialogs

    Name: Dialogs Summary: In-game dialogs! Some entities can be talked to. Also provides a variety of actions for players such as teleporting/receiving items and quests. Curator: @msteiger Location: Compatibility: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
  4. msteiger

    Request for module: Teleporters!

    In Light & Shadow, there's a floating platform where you spawn until you've picked a team to join. This platform is part of the usual world (obviously). Once you've picked your team, you need to get killed so you'd respawn in either a light or shadow town. I think that it would be way cooler...
  5. msteiger

    Maintenance Minimap

    Name: Minimap Summary: A minimap! Open with "M", zoom in and out with Numpad plus and minus. Curator: msteiger (@Mike Kienenberger) Location: Compatibility: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
  6. msteiger

    Request I can haz mesh normals?

    I have this mesh of a question mark that I'd like to use. It was created from the Noto Sans font and extruded using Blender. See this image for an illustration. However, it does not have normals. It would be great if someone could add them to the mesh so it is lit properly in the engine. Grade...
  7. msteiger

    Suggested Javadoc HTML for Modding API only

    Jenkins is currently creating HTML JavaDoc for everything: I wonder who and under what circumstances is actually using that online html version to get help. Imho the biggest use of JavaDoc is in IDE tooltips. I guess that the most...
  8. msteiger

    Maintenance Meta Server

    Name: Meta Server Summary: A web-server that serves dynamic content (list of servers/modules) Scope: Web Server / JSON data service Current Goal: Provide a list of servers for in-game use and in a maintenance web-frontend Phase: Maintenance Curator: @msteiger Github...
  9. msteiger

    Design Do some Fund-raising?

    Afaik, @Cervator pays for the the web hosting services we currently use. This covers the website, Jenkins, Weblate, Artifactory, etc. I think it would be great if this cost could be reduced or even completely covered by (regular) funding on a donation basis. One short-term goal (and a personal...
  10. msteiger

    Suggested Collect graphics assets in a dedicated repository

    Currently, all kinds of graphic assets exist, but they are scattered in the forum. Similar to the request for a centralized screenshot/video collection, I suggest to collect graphics/art/concept drawings in an easily accessible place. Things I would hope for in such a repo: Gooey in all...
  11. msteiger

    Align generated regions at custom bounds?

    Hi, I have the following problem and could need some inspiration on how to approach it best. PolyWorld generates terrain information in large chunks (512 x 512 blocks called sectors) but at a coarse level. When integrated in WorldProvider's generating strategy, it needs to provide information...
  12. msteiger

    Release "Alpha"

    The title already says it: I think we should get out "Alpha" asap. Why? Imho, the overall state of the game is far beyond "pre-alpha", but the outside world might not see the progress we're making. Upgrading version helps us showing that things are mature enough for sandboxing. We can even...
  13. msteiger

    Implementation PolyWorld

    Name: PolyWorld Summary: A world-generator that is (currently) focused on island generation Current Goal: Fix layout to deal with multiple lines of extra data Curator: msteiger Location: The idea is based on the map generating algorithm by Amit Patel...
  14. msteiger

    Maintenance WorldViewer

    Name: WorldViewer Summary: A world-generator based map viewer for Terasology Scope: External application Current Goal: View generated world facet data (for debugging and fun) Phase: Maintenance Curator: msteiger Github: Related: FacadeAWT and Minimap...
  15. msteiger

    More Biome Types

    Currently there are 5 biomes: MOUNTAINS, SNOW, DESERT, FOREST, PLAINS. There's an ancient GitHub issue requesting different forest biomes and I'm currently porting a worldgen that supports many biomes: OCEAN, LAKE, BEACH, SNOW, TUNDRA, BARE, SCORCHED TAIGA, SHRUBLAND, TEMPERATE_DESERT...
  16. msteiger

    Maintenance Crash Reporter

    Name: Crash Reporter Summary: A little utility for making crash reporting easier from different projects Scope: A library for facades and TerasologyLauncher Current Goal: Report crashes (stacktrace, log files, etc) on different social platforms Phase: Maintenance (foundation mostly complete...
  17. msteiger

    Setup a proper Terasology game server instance

    Hi, I was wondering if it would (be fun/make sense/help with debugging/bring real user base/bring other benefits) if we had a (headless) TS server instance running somewhere. It could be triggered by Jenkins: whenever a a new commit comes in, Jenkins compiles and builds the latest version...
  18. msteiger

    Request for code: Wang Tiling

    Initially, I wanted to have fast, non-repetitive height map generator based on Wang tiling: But then I discovered the following (quite impressive) paper which deals with texture generation: Wang Tiles for Image and Texture Generation...
  19. msteiger

    Tweaking TeraMath

    As the name inclines, this is about creating a math library for Terasology. You can find it here: Jenkins: Artifactory...
  20. msteiger

    Request Names!

    Hey there, I was wondering if somebody could google/compile/write a collections of names and attributes. Currently, lists exist for Nice to have would be Using this data, we could derive names like: Of course, other lists are welcome, too!