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  1. Serj

    Updates GSoC 2018 - Save/Module UX

    Heya! This thread will contain all updates about Game / saved world / module preview image content project. Summary: The project aims to improve UI/UX of some in-game screens and to give users more opportunities to manage their saved games, set up modules, deal with dependencies, etc. Mentors...
  2. Serj

    Contributor Hi, I'm Ar0ne!

    Name: Siarhei Ar[]ne Social / Github: ar0ne From: Belarus Skills / Tools: Java, Python, JS, etc. Found via: GSoC Interests: GameDev, and recently rock climbing, lol:D Extra: Currenly I'm looking at Issue #1487. I think this project has a huge space to work on. I introduced myself last year, but...
  3. Serj

    Contributor Hi All!

    Guys! Firstly I just wanna say THANKS! You made my night! I was playing few hours and I had come to conclusion - this is what I really want to do! It's a little bit sadly that I didn't saw this project early, but from this moment all my activities in GSoC will be only yours! Now I'm...