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  1. Michael

    Google Code In - Summit June 2018

    This is the thread all Google Code In trip related. Google was very accommodating for the GCI and overall I thought it was a really great experience. We had the chance to listen to various googlers speak about their work and what they've been working on. This includes: project FI, Waymo...
  2. Michael

    Factorio Community Event

    sounds interesting
  3. Michael

    Contributor Hey everyone, I'm Ethan.

    you can also look through the modules under the Terasology github. You can probably suggest something else if you find something else that is more interesting. Always good to contact the orgs before GSOC :D. github(dot)com/Terasology
  4. Michael


    So you can host the static part of the site of the site on github to save a bit in that regard and then the rest can be handled by some form of API.
  5. Michael

    Intro Hey Terasology!!

    there is a shell file inside of the Terasology folder called gradlew. you have to execute it like a shell script to ./gradles game.
  6. Michael


    here is the updated video and also the raw webm.
  7. Michael

    Google Code-In 2017 Mentor Recap Thread!

    1. Tell us about yourself! I'm Michael Pollind, @michaelpollind or pollend if I'm on github. 2. What led you to work on Terasology/Destination Sol? Through GSOC, but never actually was a GSOC student. I just stayed around even though I never was actually enrolled into GSOC. 3. What was your...
  8. Michael


    Here are some tweaks I made to my command: gource --user-image-dir .git/avatar/ --auto-skip-seconds 1 --logo ./logo.png --seconds-per-day 1 -1920x1080 -o - | ffmpeg -y -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec libvpx -b 10000K gource1.webm there is this gravatar script...
  9. Michael


    I ran Gource on the Terasology repository. The history goes quite a while back so the video is 4 hours long. I have been running this for the last 12 or so hours. also feel free to make a better version from the raw video files I've uploaded...
  10. Michael

    Intro Hey Terasology!!

    You can start here and look through the gsoc idea list: Find something you like and I can either give you some direction or point you to an individual that can provide you more guidance. In general, you should probably just try to compile...
  11. Michael

    Question Terasology Launcher Freezes in Linux Mint

    can you try run the game from source?
  12. Michael


    I've been working on a slight rework of the meta-server. I decided to rework the implementation with DropWizard and port the existing API over. I've been working on adding some basic migration support and also reorganizing the database portion of the application. One thing I'm not sure about is...
  13. Michael

    Tweaking ProtoSignalling

    I've been working on a slight rework of signaling. The Protosignal model is quite a bit more inefficient when compared to the original module but I think this module is easier to add additional blocks to the network. The backend implementation of the graph will need to be reworked, but this is...
  14. Michael

    Suggested Formal description of "Centaur" NPC

    sounds interesting.
  15. Michael

    what about happy trees

    what about happy trees
  16. Michael

    Suggested Add sign module

    Look at ComputerMonitors. ComputerMonitors uses AWT and renders the result to a flat plne. I think you can do something similar with signs. I.e allow people to type text onto a sign.
  17. Michael

    Implementation ItemPipes

    I added a handler for item events. For instance, you can use this to insert items into a chest.
  18. Michael

    Implementation ItemPipes

    Summary TeraPipes adds basic transport pipes to Terasology. The basic goal of the module is to move goods from A to B through some form of pipe network. Repository: Current Version: 0.1 What has been done Basic Pipe Suction Block Plans Allow items to...
  19. Michael

    Implementation Rails

    I'll do that eventually.