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  1. AndyTechGuy

    Updates Weekly Updates for Metal Renegades: Refining Gameplay

    Here is my weekly forum post thread for this GSoC 2020 project! Much like my project last year, forum posts done here will be a quick summary of progress during the week, and a meeting summary. There will be accompanying blog posts as well which provide more detail than the forum posts here. In...
  2. AndyTechGuy

    Proposal Metal Renegades Gameplay Proposal

    A little late to the forum post, but here is my proposal for improving the Metal Renegades module: I'm returning from working on the Metal Renegades project last year; hoping to do more great work...
  3. AndyTechGuy

    GSOC 2019 - Metal Renegades: World

    This forum post will act as a weekly log for this project, along with matching posts on the blog. Summary: This project is an initial implementation of the Metal Renegades gameplay module, with a focus on the western-style world, and the AI agents that occupy it. Student: AndyTechGuy Mentors...
  4. AndyTechGuy

    GSOC Proposal: Metal Renegades

    Here is a draft proposal for my take on Metal Renegades: Please comment and tell me what you think :) Both Wabadump and I both wrote proposals for Metal Renegades unfortunately at around the same...
  5. AndyTechGuy

    Contributor Hey, I'm AndyTechGuy!

    Name: AndyTechGuy Social: My nickname on pretty much all of my social accounts are the same as above. From: Newfoundland, Canada. Pretty much as far east as you can get. Skills / Tools: I have some programming experience in Java, HTML/CSS, and a little bit of LWJGL. I also have some...