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  1. Soundwave

    GSOC 2019 - Apiculture

    GSOC Project: Apiculture Summary: Creating of content inspired by the Forestry and ExtraBees mods for Minecraft to Terasology. The content proposed includes an improved framework for merging items and blocks common to multiple modules (e.g. metals); a system providing tools for storing and...
  2. Soundwave

    Suggested SkyGrid - WorldGenerator Review

    It's actually not impossible to hop, but it's really tricky because the map is designed for the jumping mechanics of Minecraft. I think I might adjust the distances or change jump mechanics for this module. That's the idea! Good to know, will look into this.
  3. Soundwave

    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! I try to be Soundwave everywhere, but I use the prefix PS, or rarely a postfix '-' when there's a collision. If you see a PS-Soundwave (Github), or PS_Soundwave (IRC), that's me! 2. Which task did you enjoy the most? Favorite task was world gen 1. My idea for it...
  4. Soundwave

    Suggested Module - Atmospherics

    Atmospherics. "We don't often admit it, but we like the little collision. After all, we do manage spaces and they often involve business." She picked up a heavy book from the small, metal desk against the wall, and flipped through the first few pages. The cover featured an image of water...