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  1. Marcin Sciesinski

    LibGDX and Entity system tutorial series on YouTube

    I've just finished episode 20 of my "Let's Make a Game - Platformer" YouTube series, where I go through all the coding required to write a game using LibGDX and Entity system libraries, as well as my own library containing some reusable code (open source). I think this is a good introduction to...
  2. Marcin Sciesinski

    Project ES refactoring and random playing with OpenGL

    Ok, as promised during the meeting I have created this thread. Here is a link to the GitHub repo with the code I'm focusing on: Today I have: 1. Improved shadow rendering (tweaked settings a bit - see picture below for tree casting shadow). 2...
  3. Marcin Sciesinski

    Tweaking [Alpha] Modular Computers

    I've recently finally decided to port my in-JVM VM programming language to Terasology and make use of it. The language has syntax very similar to JavaScript, but is a bit stricter (requires semi-colons at the end of statements, all variables have to be declared). This is due to the fact that the...
  4. Marcin Sciesinski

    Excellent podcast (ani-cast?) to learn Game Development

    If you'd like to learn Game Development (not software programming), you might want to watch "Extra Credits" available at
  5. Marcin Sciesinski

    Tweaking MultiBlock

    Name: MultiBlock Summary: Mod library that makes the process of adding multi-block structures to other mods easier. It provides mechanisms to register multi-block structure patterns and register listeners on structures being formed and unformed. Scope: Engine Current Goal: Other mods should be...
  6. Marcin Sciesinski

    Maintenance Signalling

    Name: Signalling Summary: Allows to emit and transfer signals (on/off) over network of blocks Scope: Engine / Core Content (I hope) / Mod Current Goal: Provide some basic functionality for emitting (i.e. switches, pressure plate), conducting/transmitting (i.e. cables, AND / OR gates) and...
  7. Marcin Sciesinski

    Tweaking Block Networks

    Name: BlockNetwork Summary: Library mod allowing to easily add new mechanisms (mods) that require connecting multiple blocks into structures that need to track which block belong to which networks and how far away are they from other blocks in the same network Scope: Engine Current Goal: Provide...
  8. Marcin Sciesinski

    Trouble with changing how the block is rendered

    I'm working on "blockNetwork" and "signalling" mods. First one is a library-mod that helps developing new mods that require a network of blocks. If you ever played Minecraft - think of Buildcraft pipes, IC2 cables, etc. Second one is an example use of the "blockNetwork", which allows sending...
  9. Marcin Sciesinski


    Name: Marcin 'MarcinSc' Sciesinski Social: From: Born in Poland, living in Ireland Skills / Tools: Mostly Java, some HTML5/JavaScript Found via: Tired of trying modding for Minecraft (very painful), searched for "Minecraft clone" Interests: Server-side stuff...