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  1. Ten'son'

    Inactive Steam GreenLight

    Also :
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    Terasology : The Game

    Climbing could be soo cool ! :D And I just found a Minecraft mod that does exactly what I/you had in mind :
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    Future GUI

    Or : setBackgroundColor( Color col ); Color's constructors : Color( "#FFFFFF" ) Color( 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0.75f ) etc.
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    Linux Website/Forum issue

    You're welcome. ;)
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    Interesting video

    Video :
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    Linux Website/Forum issue

    Nope, no problem here. (you should use Firefox, just sayin' ;)) Maybe a resolution problem, what is your screen resolution ? Is your graphic card's driver up to date ? Maybe your graphic card is too new so there's not any stable driver for it.
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    Back in France ! :D

    Back in France ! :D
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    [Sep 29, 2012] Terasology 1st birthday! (Google Hangout)

    If CaptainSparklez is comming... Han! *o*
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    Parsing a grammar

    Why it has to be human readable? If it's to check errors you could do a little program that translate the file into a human readable file. But more there are letters and words, slowest will be the computer to open/read it. EDIT: And we all know that the hard drive is the slowest component in a...
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    Parsing a grammar

    Too much words, computer doesn't alla that. Example of biome and style lines of your file: B 12 7 S M Example for the facades: Facade1 StyleFacade24 Could be: F1 24 Or that also could be directly written in a binary file.
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    WIP Player/NPCs models

    I want to be a Gundam! :/
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    [Sep 29, 2012] Terasology 1st birthday! (Google Hangout)

    Yeah cool! Could enable the RSVP system so we can confirm our presence?
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    Terasology Multiplayer

    So wazzap' ? Need help? I have experience in making servers. ^^
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    WIP Player/NPCs models

    Personally I think there should be a character creator like in The Sims or The Elder Scrolls. So every player will be different. Also, it allows multiple races.
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    Good choice C++ ^^ C++ > All
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    [Sep 29, 2012] Terasology 1st birthday! (Google Hangout)

    And next year we'll do a Terasology LAN Party! ^^ As a tradition. ;)
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    [Sep 29, 2012] Terasology 1st birthday! (Google Hangout)

    So, Minecraft LAN Party ? :D
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    Inactive Real Liquids

    I thank about that and I propose that the ocean and river's water should be infinite. Look, if you take a bucket of water from the ocean, the "hole" will be fill 'cause it's an ocean! What is a bucket face of an ocean. Also, if you dig a canal that starts in a river, the river won't dry, it will...
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    WIP Player/NPCs models

    So we have some animals, some monsters but no player model! Also, we need the NPCs models. Will they be different from the player like in Minecraft? Will they all be differents? Let's talk about this. :)
  20. Ten'son'

    Villages Concept and stuff

    I still think the City Biome is a good idea 'cause the whole biome area will be parcels of fields, buildings. And so when the city has to grow it will replace a field by a building and when there are no more fields available, the city can't grow more. Also, if there are no more fields and we...