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    Implementation FlexibleMovement and FlexiblePathfinding

    In theory, yes. In practice, ModuleTestingEnvironment needs a bugfix for testing with a connected client. It works in the isolated test suite within the MTE itself, however it bugs out when loading the Core module making testing real modules impossible atm. Here's an example in the testing...
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    Implementation FlexibleMovement and FlexiblePathfinding

    I've written an alternative pathfinding and movement module. simple demo module: Motivation To understand why, you'll need to understand a few things about...
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    Building the cathedral - building the legacy - building a vision

    It's really easy to get overwhelmed when there's so many things that need to be done. It can sometimes begin to feel hopeless or unfixable on a large scale. However, the important thing is to pick small individual problems and fix them consistently over time. Don't embark on massive...
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    Implementation ModuleTestingEnvironment -- Integration testing with in-process Engine objects

    I've been working on a module to support integration testing. Basically it wraps up some helpers for creating instances of TerasologyEngine, loading a set of modules and getting everything to the in-game state. From there you can write test code exactly like module code, and it will run in the...
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    Contributor Greetings, from kaen

    Name: Bryan 'kaen' Conrad Social: From: US Skills / Tools: Java, Debuggers, Profilers, strong imagination. Roughly a decade of real-time multiplayer game programming Found via: It was destiny that brought me here Interests: Very interested in rich game world simulation...
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    Request Help importing minetest player model/skins

    Hello, I'm trying to import the player model, texture and animations from another open source voxel game, minetest. The model is a pre-made traditionally voxel-like player character with some basic animations (idle/walk/sit/die/mine etc.). It also has a 27 pages of compatibly licensed skins...