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  1. metouto

    New year's day

    Just wanted to say happy New Year to all .....
  2. metouto

    Design Poll - name for a registered non-profit

    Not that I have done much lately ....... but if it was me I would leave it as it stands now ..... I would also put my vote in for ... The Terasology Foundation (TFF or TF) with me leaning to the TFF side more than TF :coffee: ..... my 2 cents
  3. metouto

    Games in our "sphere of interest"

    Has anyone seen/played Creativerse ...... might inspire ideas for terasology :coffee:
  4. metouto

    Dark Empire Arc - first major new content piece?

    Hi Cervator ..... I'm working days for the next few weeks right now with little time to spare ....... but ...... when I get back on nights will see what I can come up with (if you are still needing them) ...... Dark Empire Turret Dark Version of the Tiny Imperial Ship couple more advanced...
  5. metouto

    Version 1.1.0 Release Candidate

    Cervator have you or are you going to try Amazon for this :coffee:
  6. metouto

    WIP Metal Renegades - wild west meets robots

    How did I miss this ..... @ SuperSnark .... great idea :geek: @ glasz .... wow ..... I am sooooooooo jealous of your ability to make models :love: @ Adeon ..... like your tracks ...... I want a ticket to ride ..... just soooooo cool !!!! @ glasz .... would you be willing to do a written...
  7. metouto

    WIP My pixel-art icons

    Trekmarvel ..... winner winner ..... let's eat dinner :coffee:
  8. metouto

    Evil Empire

    New and updated version ...... ...... lots better to me what do you think ???
  9. metouto

    Evil Empire

    Well here I am again ..... the Evil Empire needed a drome.png and this is what I came up with after fretting over it for a week :confused: ..... .... As one can see it is not to scary (maybe it is scary inside:speechless:) but one thing is for sure it could use some upkeep. As always you are...
  10. metouto

    Tweaking [Alpha] Modular Computers

    I was wanting to update my other post but they will not hold all the pics at one time soooooooooo .... Here are the updates ..... :coffee: ComputerBack1.png ComputerBottom1.png (this one did not change but I re-posted it to keep the group together) ComputerFront1.png...
  11. metouto

    Tweaking [Alpha] Modular Computers

    How about this set ......... ComputerBack1.png ComputerBottom1.png ComputerFront1.png ComputerLeftSide1.png ComputerRightSide1.png ComputerTop1.png ...... I tried to modernize my computer a little and make it a little more eye catching . I also added some screws to the corners of...
  12. metouto

    Tweaking [Alpha] Modular Computers

    Ok more futuristic ..... I got it ...... will try again ..... :oops:
  13. metouto

    Tweaking [Alpha] Modular Computers

    Marcin .... Cervator was telling me in chat that you might be needing a computer :omg: so I have put this together .... ComputerBack.png ComputerBottom.png ComputerFront.png ComputerLeftSide.png ComputerRightSide.png ComputerTop.png ..... if you would like to use it / think it...
  14. metouto

    Evil Empire

    Hi theotherjay, :) I'm not sure what you mean by development but at this stage I'm just a art person doing what I can for Terasology or whatever Cervator thinks I'm able to do :sneaky: . Ok Cervator .... some great ideas there :rolleyes: ..... let me see what I can do with them :coffee:
  15. metouto

    Evil Empire

    OK here is the big one ......... ........ this is the "Evil Station" where all the Evil Spaceships, Evil Spacetrucks, Evil Right Wing Spaceships, Evil Lift Wing Spaceship ( :cautious: if we use them :cautious:), and the Evil Double Winged Fighters come from ..... So let me know what you...
  16. metouto

    Evil Empire

    Yes, you have guessed correctly Cervator the "green glass or canopy " is where the pilot's are seating. The above 4 spaceships now show the canopy with three shades of green blended together more .... with the black color taken out. I do believe that it is a better picture than the ones in the...
  17. metouto

    Evil Empire

    Cervator and I were talking in a chat awhile back about Destination Sol ...... since I did not have anything right now to do in Terasology he ask about maybe developing an "evil empire" along the lines of the "imperial ships" that already have a home in Destination Sol. So I came up with these...
  18. metouto

    Contributor Developer coming aboard

    Welcome :coffee:
  19. metouto

    Removal of all javadoc @author tags - any objections?

    OK with me Cervator ...... "......Make it so, #1 ......" ..... sorry my mind regresses to fond memories on TV :coffee:
  20. metouto

    WIP Block Tile Additions

    With you liking this batch ...... I will go ahead and send them ...... and done I will get with you Cervator sometime this weekend about the project ....