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  1. smsunarto

    Intro Hello Fellow Developers !

    Our social media and chat room links are on the button of our website at
  2. smsunarto

    Intro Hello Fellow Developers !

    Heya! Welcome @Gakarod. Hop in to our chat at IRC/Discord so we can discuss :D You can talk to me about game designs ;)
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    Terasology's 1st Screenshot Contest

    Screenshot Contest The idea is extremely simple, you just need to play Terasology and take cool and beautiful screenshots! Put your images as a comment below and the best "screenshotter" will win! The prize? Nothing yet :p But we will use your picture in Terasology's gallery, that's for sure...
  4. smsunarto

    Google Code-In 2017 Mentor Recap Thread!

    1. Tell us about yourself! My name is Scott Moses Sunarto my handle is @smsunarto everywhere. 2. What led you to work on Terasology/Destination Sol? Yes, I was a GCI student and that's how I learned about Terasology 3. What was your experience with this year's students? Awesome, but not as...
  5. smsunarto

    Intro Hello, I am devvorb.

    Hi @devvorb welcome! Feel free to look around and ask any questions you might have in our chat :) We mainly use Java (not Javascript) so you would probably need some adjustment, but your programming background would certainly help. Tell your dad I say hi!
  6. smsunarto

    Suggested Module: Nautical

    @OmkarJ. The way that module works is that it adds features to the gameplay. When you combine a bunch of them, it becomes what you 'can' call "game mode". It does not add features outside of the game world. Your idea sounds more like something that happens outside the game world, like in some...
  7. smsunarto

    Suggested Module: Nautical

    We already have behavior tree that basically allows you to program the monsters/animals.
  8. smsunarto

    TerasologyEdu Lesson Suggestion Format

    Note: this format is the bare minimum that the suggestion thread should have, feel free to add anything. Name of the lesson: Estimated length of the lesson (How many sessions? How many hours each?): Target audience (age range): Programming aspects taught: Required skill: 1. Describe your...
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    Suggested More Types of Chest

    Are you familiar with the small chest and large chest system of Minecraft? I would like to see that featured :D
  10. smsunarto

    WIP Design Unification Project (Web, Game, etc)

    Thanks @oniatus! Great work there, I'll try do some research on how we can work on applying our own docs style
  11. smsunarto

    Intro Inroduction of Ian Brobin

    Hey @Ian Brobin welcome to Terasology! Glad to have you here! Hop on our IRC channel sometimes, I really want to know more about the advance organic growth simulator you have in mind.
  12. smsunarto

    Intro Hello from betterclever!!

    Hey @betterclever welcome to Terasology! Hop on our IRC channel and we might be able to help you decide which project to do :D
  13. smsunarto

    Intro Hi from Tamara

    Hey @tamaralnf Welcome to Terasology! I would extremely recommend the Exploration World project if you are interested in game design since it's one of the task that puts extreme-weight on your game design skills. There's several others that want to attempt that task though, so you might want...
  14. smsunarto

    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    @Skaldarnar I agree, I'll try looking at SVG and figure whether or not something like that can work.
  15. smsunarto

    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    @Skaldarnar directly in markdown? Not that I know of sadly :( They dont support CSS editing
  16. smsunarto

    Intro Hello from Manu

    Hey @DragonManu welcome! Glad to have you onboard :)
  17. smsunarto

    Suggested Exploration World Ideas

    Heya - Generally, I think a end-user ready gameplay is what we should aim for instead of many different features in the project but no actual way for a player to enjoy it. Loving the creatures idea! It's totally something that can increase what players can do in-game. You can get some...
  18. smsunarto

    WIP Design Unification Project (Web, Game, etc)

    Sorry the progress is really stagnant, I got really caught up with school works :( (I need more holiday) Website Progress: - Integrated Jekyll for easy insertion of image, navbars, imports, etc. - Index Page - 404 - About (With pop-up pictures!) Is there anyone that is interested in handling...
  19. smsunarto

    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    @Skaldarnar here you go. It's really basic since it only covers the really fundamental approach (Material Design) instead of creative stuff like logo/mascot/etc. Haven't tried creating a UI overhaul in-game tho. Will give it a try later.
  20. smsunarto

    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    @Trekmarvel huh, just realized it's different. I used the mascot + text logo that's also used in the splash site.