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  1. Nym Traveel

    Design Another perspective for crafting

    I found a nice article today about different approaches for crafting in games. Maybe it can give some inspiration for modules involving crafting. (There may also be mixtures of the describes styles) Could be interesting atm especially for @Josharias with the Manual Labor
  2. Nym Traveel

    Ideology: should modules be more unified or fragmented.

    "I should be able to use my earth oven with my river clay, but i can't because they're from two different mods." Concerning ores, Minecrafts Forge has an interesting approach: The ore dictionary. Basically, when different mods add their own kind of copper, the ore dictionary handles it, so you...
  3. Nym Traveel

    Project Mapgeneration for L&S

    Name: Mapgeneration for L&S Summary: Create Maps suitable for L&S, including fractionning, right ore distribution etc. Scope: Engine/Core Content Current Goal: Determine how the map should look like Phase: Design Curator: Nym Traveel Related: Listing some names here I read in the context of...
  4. Nym Traveel

    Trip to Europe including maybe Frankfurt?

    Yeah, wanted to start a convo these days that we may get the same hotel or whatever :)
  5. Nym Traveel

    Trip to Europe including maybe Frankfurt?

    Absolutely no knowledge of Frankfurt, sorry... :(
  6. Nym Traveel

    Greetings from Github

    Welcome, nice to have you on board :)
  7. Nym Traveel

    Trip to Europe including maybe Frankfurt?

    OMG! Yeah, I'll do everything to participate. (In fact I just sent a sms to skip all training on this sunday :D ) Would be nice to code again for terasology or just meet you guys!
  8. Nym Traveel

    mouse button behavior

    When reading through this, I had to think about crysis 1 which had a nice radial menue for changing your suite-mode. I would totally sacrifice the right mouse button for a context-sensitiv radial menue :D
  9. Nym Traveel

    Cartoony Look

    I have to agree to most of you guys^^ Definately gives me a deja vue of Borderlands 2. I kinda like the style on this picture. Anyway I don't think it will fit the direction we're heading, as metouto stated, it takes much away of the natural look&feel. And mixing the styles for natural...
  10. Nym Traveel

    FYI - Procedural World Developer - Interview

    Thanks for the irc link, will hop in whenever i have time :D
  11. Nym Traveel

    Inactive Crafting

    U're sure you didn't craft minecraft enderchests? :D Edit: damn, I'm a slow writer :D
  12. Nym Traveel

    season of exams, be back soon :)

    season of exams, be back soon :)
  13. Nym Traveel


    Darn, you beat me cev :P The temperature on top of the mountains is not very difficult to change - It's controlled via the overlayHeigth methode. Feel free to play with it ;) The mountain chain orthogonal to the biggest chain in the north-west is unfortunately too low to be affected...
  14. Nym Traveel

    Inactive Crafting

    Maybe even a count of the things you need for the crafting? (default 1) (Thinking of things like -this- or in general things that need a ratio for the items used)
  15. Nym Traveel


    Some progress concerning maps: First the good news: I (once again) rewrote the climate sim for more convenient results. Current status on a 1024x1024 heigthmap: You can grab it as usual on Github. I would be interested in your console outputs, concerning speed (with a bit of data like cpu...
  16. Nym Traveel

    Inactive Candy Stuff

    Now we just need a hunger system so we can actually eat this house :) Realtime color gradient would be neat for all kind of blocks! Would be great to see this ingame ;)
  17. Nym Traveel

    Hello together :)

    Welcome to terasology! Awesome art on your facebook page, indeed :) Is your blog at still active? Last post is from a while ago :(
  18. Nym Traveel


    i didn't really bother updating the blockplacement and biomes so far until the climatesim isn't finished :P
  19. Nym Traveel

    Inactive Skiing

    Will be a bumpy ride with our blocky world ;) As it would mainly be a different steering of the character I generally see just the problem that we don't have real slopes, just many cubes that look like a slope on a larger scale...