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  1. Arpit Kamboj

    GooKeeper - Game Concept

    The concept is amazing ! I'll definitely get back to this after exams.
  2. Arpit Kamboj

    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! Hi! My Name is Arpit Kamboj known as arpitkamboj on Slack/Discord/IRC and digitalripperynr on Github. 2. Which task did you enjoy the most? I enjoyed doing all of the tasks but the Groovy Wrapper tasks were the best. The remote functionality task was one of the...
  3. Arpit Kamboj

    Suggested I'm Feeling Thirsty - WorldGen review

    This is a pretty unique concept and I really like this world generator. It was developed by Nicholas Bates during Google Code-In 2017. It represents the true need present for water and encourages one to think about all the problems that we would face in its absence. Some of its features : The...
  4. Arpit Kamboj

    Intro Hello People.!!

    Hi everyone. Glad to join the GCI Terasology team. I am Arpit Kamboj from Haryana,India. You can get in touch with me on Twitter @arpitkamboj or on GitHub(digitalripperynr). I have worked on a variety of tech projects like Arduino stuff, PC-Build, Video Production, etc. This is the first time...