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  1. begla

    Question Oculus Issues

    Yey, someone who at least tried to get the Oculus Rift support in Terasology up and running. Welcome maym86! :) Guess it is as Immortius pointed out. The native C++ library/wrapper I wrote back then based on a certain version of the Oculus SDK - which has been updated multiple of times since...
  2. begla

    Archived Change Brightness/Contrast

    Glad you like the game. :) I agree that the shadows are currently way too dark... Especially when dynamic shadows are enabled. I have it on my list and I will tweak as soon as I find the time. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
  3. begla

    Resolved Extreme lag and initial errors!

    Yeah, those log entries deserved a good cleanup. Thanks Cervator!
  4. begla

    Resolved Problems starting the game.

    True that. I removed the usage of 3.x extensions a while ago, but we're using stuff all over the 2.x era of OGL. But to be honest - even if that GPU would be able to run the game, you wouldn't have too much fun playing it I guess. :/
  5. begla

    Resolved Problems starting the game.

    Seems like the newest diver available for your GPU isn't supporting the mandatory OpenGL version and thus many of the OpenGL extensions Terasology utilizes. There isn't much we can do about that - sorry. :(
  6. begla

    Resolved Extreme lag and initial errors!

    Cool, glad the fixes worked out for you! :)
  7. begla

    Resolved Extreme lag and initial errors!

    Shame on me for implementing all of them... ;)
  8. begla

    Any backend coding needed?

    Website looks really cool! Very modern and "stylish". Only thing is that the background image doesn't scale to the full size of the browser, but that surely is a very minor issue. Keep up the good work!
  9. begla

    The Great Convergence

    Oh noez! *sends a couple of sandwiches and a whole lot of hugs* :rainbowwild:
  10. begla

    Terasology tutorial

    Großartig! :) Thanks for all your hard work - having some high quality videos like yours available from time to time when new features arise is a great thing. And the tutorials also help with some of the not-so-intuitive but mighty features - like crafting for example.
  11. begla

    Project licensing and contributor options

    I'm also okay with using my/our code in commercial projects - as long as license in place is applied in the appropriate way. Assets are another topic... Thinking of Id Software who release their engine source from time to time without providing the assets. I like that. But what really gives me...
  12. begla

    Codebase restructuring

    Sounds great Cervator. Speaking of... I'd like to restructure (and thus rewrite) all rendering architectural stuff when we've got "the great merge" out of the way, e.g. creating an abstract render system interface which can be mapped to different graphics APIs. This will also mean to remove...
  13. begla

    Light and Shadow Skybox

    Yup, that'll be the next thing I'll do when I got all the rendering annoyances out of the way. :) Currently both sun and moon are just simple... Dot products. Should I just create differently colored and scaled versions of those or directly add "texturing" support?
  14. begla


    Simply spoken normal mapping adds an extra texture which can be used to derive lighting information for spots where no actual detailed geometry is available (like the sides of the blocks, which are only made up of two triangles). Parallax mapping, in addition, distorts the lookups for the...
  15. begla


    Okay, normal mapping and parallax mapping is now working using two automatically generated texture atlases for height and normal maps. You'll just have a to add the new block textures (using the suffix "Normal" or "Height") and you are good to go. A normal map for the stone block type can be...
  16. begla


    I'll add parallax mapping soon. :omg:
  17. begla


    Okay, I was actually faster than expected. On the rendering side the feature should be complete - only the texture atlas generation support for the normal maps is missing on the engine side. I present to you... (@Janred, Adeon) Chunk normal mapping support (forward and deferred). If you like...
  18. begla


    Will try to add it during the week or next weekend. Will let you know!
  19. begla


    Can add that very easily - but who'll provide normal maps for the existing textures? :)
  20. begla

    Archived Perlin with setup

    Awesome! :) Funny to see my dated preview generator code actually come to use for the end users - or am I seeing ghosts?