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  1. niruandaleth

    Featured GSoC 2021 is coming up!

    For the sixth year in a row now, we applied as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code :gooey: While the applications are still being reviewed, we sincerely hope to join the fun for another year and look forward to fruitful projects with great students! Most of our communication...
  2. niruandaleth

    Intro Hey! Divyanshu Here

    Hi Divyanshu and welcome! As you already joined our Discord Server you already know that most of our communication takes place there :) Feel free to look around, make yourself familiar with everything and ask questions if something is unclear ;)
  3. niruandaleth

    Intro Hello I am Mahela

    Hi Mahela! :) Welcome to our forum! I recommend joining our Discord Server ( in case you have questions as most of our communication takes place there ;) Other than that, feel free to roam our website, forum, engine and module repos and join the fun :geek:
  4. niruandaleth

    Problem help, i can't run Terasology!

    Hey there @Sand_bloc, the launcher asking you that is normal and expected behavior. The location selection window it opens should provide a default suggestion that you can simply agree to use by clicking OK in case you don't want to customize it =)
  5. niruandaleth

    Suggested Outside perspective

    @BH12 Awesome feedback, thank you! I fully agree on the issues you detected. As @Cervator mentioned we're a very developer-centric community - which is not an excuse but one of the reasons / problems. For almost half a year now, we're doing weekly meetings to streamline our efforts and do...
  6. niruandaleth

    Maintenance Untangling the Dependency Knot

    After a first round of cleaning up, our CoreSampleGameplay dependency graph looks already pretty neat!
  7. niruandaleth

    Maintenance Untangling the Dependency Knot

  8. niruandaleth

    Maintenance Untangling the Dependency Knot

    This thread is about untangling our very own omegastic dependency chaos. Dependency graph was created using groovyw module createDependencyDotFile and dot -Tsvg > <output-filename>.svg (graphviz) (see
  9. niruandaleth

    Intro Hey there, this is Nira

    Name: Josie 'Niruandaleth' Rueckert Social: jdrueckert From: Germany Skills / Tools: during my computer science studies (focus on databases and security) and early work experience mainly dealt with C/C++ and Python, now moved more towards Golang, Python still in use for helper scripts and...