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  1. SurajDatta

    Life Is What You Make It

    Life Is What You Make It
  2. SurajDatta

    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! Hi, my name is Suraj everywhere (may change to Zweihander later ;) ), on GitHub, Discord, Slack..... etc. I am very passionate about computer science as a whole. This is my second time in GCI and I have given a load of effort this year, without sleep and food. I...
  3. SurajDatta

    Suggested Research Machine Learning for Games (GCI Task)

    Research Machine Learning for Games Introduction: There are many articles published in 2017 on the internet about how AI is going to impact human life, it could be our car, our home, our medical treatment, entertainment and many more. But much of the progress in AI has been made in games and...
  4. SurajDatta

    Suggested Showcase a world generator (GCI Task)

    Description: I chose the world SurajWorld because I want to showcase my world and see how can it be improved! Also, I have used quite a few plugins to look at! Suggestions: There are few things which hopefully is going to be updated. - The houses don't have doors to get in - The frozen lake...
  5. SurajDatta

    Suggested NPC (GCI Task) - Suraj Datta

    Formally Describe the Behavior/AI of a Python A normal Python has been considered as NPC for this game. Physical characteristics The Python considered in the game grows naturally from its earlier age to matured age. The size of the Python can increase up to 30 feet [9 meters] in length...