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  1. chessandgo

    WIP Design Unification Project (Web, Game, etc)

    I was chatting with Cervator, there currently is a problem with bundling fonts causing the download to be too large, to combate that I proposed we convert all button text to vector graphics, and to help ease the burden of all the buttons, convert some of them into more universal glyphs. (better...
  2. chessandgo

    Monthly game sessions

    I was talking game feel/atmosphere/etc, Cervator wanted the community to get a line up of games to play monthy. Media to study to understand why its good, feel, mechanics, and so forth. To more closely understand succesful games (or in this case, successful voxel communities)
  3. chessandgo

    Monthly game sessions

    This is a thread for queing up games to draw inspiration from, take notes on, and other random data. (as requested by Cervator) Tekkit Classic Server currently running on , come join us! Cervators Pick: Space Engineers Dwarf Fortress...
  4. chessandgo

    Design New conceptual layer: sector (plus musings on multi-world/node)

    Chunk size - if chunks are smaller: less data is sent until its needed. This can help the networking aspect, and works as a simple anti-cheat for xray. You can xray if we haven't even sent you the blocks! easier, and more verbose metadata. fewer blocks means that its easier to analyze chunks...
  5. chessandgo

    Implementation Josharias Survival

    idle thoughts: Chisel - shaping already placed stone type blocks. The Problem: In minecraft, sculpting a mountain into a statue is common, but empty, as theres no real reason to do it because building the statue from scratch is faster. As it were, its easier to build David from loose stones...
  6. chessandgo

    Design Unique Terasology constructed language ("conlang") script

    Personally I like the glyphs, as the more square nature seems to fit voxel better. (and some scripts would be very hard to read on small thing). Now on the the actual langauge. There should be a custom font, but that won't be a language. There should be a simplistic emote like interplayer...
  7. chessandgo

    Suggested New background image(s)
  8. chessandgo

    Suggested New background image(s)

    that 20 photo limit is annoyinh
  9. chessandgo

    Suggested New background image(s)

    If any of you have requests, voice them, since i've just been aimlessly dicking around with the world terrain gererators and graphical settings. imgur did a number on the 5k images, so i'll just directly upload it via imgur once we get them picked out. we should really have some commands to...
  10. chessandgo

    Suggested New background image(s)

    Some basic low quality ones for now. Still need pictures of other modules like JS and polyworld
  11. chessandgo

    Tweaking Core perlin world improvements

    Something like this for settings: (or maybe just a new terrain generator if thats not possible) (and world settings like this ) Things wanted: basic things like height/amplitude, etc, maybe some fun...
  12. chessandgo

    Tweaking Module categories

    "Asset module - plain art / passive content module, possibly with basic block/model definitions. Example: LASR, Minerals, Soils" Passive content and plain art should be seperate. There should be some kind of cosmetic module catagory, AKA, resource packs/texture packs, shader, etc. Stuff...
  13. chessandgo

    Implementation Light & Shadow

    1 and 2 seems fitting. Although when I started it up it instantly gave me a kind of D&D feel. Towns being encounters, paths between them perhaps for monsters and RP, the world has a tiled look of a board. Perhaps farther player grouping/clans can be developed and have moster attacks trigger...
  14. chessandgo

    Archived Game server web API

    Perhaps have other "player enitity" API hooks or sockets of some sorts. The ability to create basicly false players, or hook in existing ones, so It can be feed data about the world. Imagine instead of having to screen record for lets plays, you could just set a player permissions to something...
  15. chessandgo

    A new release, a forgotten one, and a coming major one

    "Accept that we really have been alpha-ready for some time now and need to just tear off that band-aid already then come out from the shadows" *cough* make more of a preasents in /r/feedthebeast asking for ideas, opinions, and offering work shops and guides if they want to make/covert their...
  16. chessandgo

    I do many things. I've done a little tweaking of the website, some recruiting of talent, some...

    I do many things. I've done a little tweaking of the website, some recruiting of talent, some poster making, some asset making. I like sand,
  17. chessandgo

    Too much or not enough - Defining more blocks VS SubstanceMatters

    Should we make increasiningly more small usecase blocks, or adopt SubstanceMatters ( for blocks with only slightly different behavior, or perhaps a blend. In this usecase, the Soils library as it currently exists...
  18. chessandgo

    Implementation Josharias Survival

    Recording ideas from IRC: High level, or just crafting in general, should be more of a web then a line. Given creative freedom,and the range of worlds that can be put in (specifically all the biomes you could get placed in once we get those together), there should be many ways tools and...
  19. chessandgo

    Pre-alpha release 58 - tweaking some content

    Might be just mean, but it seems ever so slightly faster. Also, good job on Josharias Survival! Its really reaching a game stage, just needs to become feature complete and we can ship it as the Terasology:Game. Based on some freedback, i'll be splitting the info graphic into just Dev stuff...