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  1. Cervator

    Question to Github

    Hey there, sorry about the delay in responding to this. Been a busy trip to Europe here for me personally :-) That guideline is a little rough still, the goal was to have better details and steps to cover all that, but that's still missing. You can get the IntelliJ Community Edition for free...
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    Terasology at Ludicious! And a small meet-up!

    Terasology is attending the Ludicious 2018 conference in Zurich as announced and bunch of contributors registered. But, wouldn’t have been cooler if we decided to take an extra day and arrange a mini-internal Terasology conference? You guessed it :) - that is exactly what we did. On January...
  3. Cervator

    Join to Dark side!

    Ohai! Yes game is still alive and well, seen all the activity on GitHub? We're participating in Google Code-In and multiple entire factions have been added :-)
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    Question Terasology won't start

    Hi there @TheCommonGuy sorry about the delayed response to your request. We need the game log files with the full details to be able to diagnose exactly what went wrong. Just from reading your system stats I get the impression it is a newer system, but somewhat lower end. Especially the...
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    Question Crashed And I Don't Know Why

    Hi @Bigcat_Mapleflight - I'm afraid the log indicates that your graphics card doesn't support what Terasology currently needs to run: 22:23:52.978 [main] ERROR o.terasology.engine.TerasologyEngine - Failed to initialise Terasology java.lang.RuntimeException: Can not initialize graphics device...
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    Intro Hi everyone, I'm Eragoneq

    Really generic / blending / dynamic stuff might be tricky. There is a(nother) new crafting system coming online shortly meant to be able to define subsystems of crafting, so maybe that could be one. Keep an eye on it. Yeah there is a ton of modules, so check them out. Maybe especially...
  7. Cervator

    WIP Design Unification Project (Web, Game, etc)

    Here is a submission from this year's GCI for a Facebook optimized banner by Mateusz Tramp (partly based on additional assets produced by Nelson Gomez - new school Gooey) PSD available as an attachment in Slack
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    Implementation Rails

    Edited in a link in the old thread to this one. You might want to add a bigger summary though, and link to the old thread :D Plus: post ALL the videos! Videos are great.
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    Intro Hi everyone, I'm Eragoneq

    Welcome! Got anything particular in mind for blocks and mechanics?
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    Question Crash while adjusting video settings

    Hey there. Looks like you ran out of memory: 14:01:46.634 [main] ERROR o.terasology.engine.TerasologyEngine - Uncaught exception, attempting clean game shutdown java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at org.terasology.utilities.procedural.SimplexNoise.<init>(
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    Intro Hola Amigos! I'm Sarvesh W.

    Welcome, and don't be shy! We're a welcoming bunch, you just have to ask :-)
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    Question [Linux] Terasology not working on old laptop

    So the black screen excepting visible GUI is typically still a video card issue. For instance see - in that case the user submitted a full log file and there were additional interesting errors. Hard to say whether we can actually do anything...
  13. Cervator

    I've made a mod that implements a new faction, planet and boss into the game

    Again super nice work @CodeQuaZar ! Are you up for submitting the new stuff on GitHub so we can add it properly to the game while crediting you? :-)
  14. Cervator

    Question [Linux] Terasology not working on old laptop

    So the bit about "Denied access to class (not allowed with this module's permissions): jdk.internal.reflect.ConstructorAccessorImpl" is most likely caused by running a Terasology prior to being merged, using Java 9. Could you try running the...
  15. Cervator

    Featured GCI starts soon, play test Dec 2nd using Alpha 9, BTM Friday, and we'll be at Ludicious 2018!

    We got into Google Code-In again this year and have more mentors and higher expectations than last year - it should be a blast, and a whirlwind of activity! If anybody already familiar with our code and community wants to volunteer as a mentor let me know. Otherwise just hang out on IRC and...
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    Question [Linux] Terasology not working on old laptop

    Hey there :-) Yeah unfortunately that error is pretty clear, and older laptops are nearly the bane of our existence here :D Up to you if you want to try the proprietary drivers or some other GPU tinkering. I don't think it is an issue we can address in the short-term, although in the long-term...
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    Fixed now!
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    Thanks @Ruffian - yep looks like Weblate is down again. We'll look into it :-)
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    Intro Hello World !

    Good to hear about running from source and busy periods are fine, just stay in touch :-) Full GCI mentorship ahead of time takes some existing community experience yep, but nothing prevents you from being online and helping students when you can on IRC anyway, and if you do well at that you...
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    Intro Hello World !

    Hey there! Welcome, and do ask any time you're wondering about anything, there are no stupid questions :-) It helps to hop on our IRC if you're idle or on a computer for some other reason and can stay connected in the background. Discussion happens more or less randomly but over time it can...