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  1. Adrijaned

    Happy goo year!

    Let the year that is to come be better than any past one. Let new memories you get be only of things you don't want to forget. Make Tera get of modules a lot, each having its own sweet spot, in a story winding through it all. Make the development never stall, and APIs be clean for use, so we...
  2. Adrijaned

    About goo.

    Short word about goopools As has been told earlier, hierarchically the goopools resemble medieval village. As questions about the physical organization of goopools arose since that, here are some more details about this topic, directly from the great Gooey! The goopool is usually centered around...
  3. Adrijaned

    Legend of Goo

    In the time before time, naught existed but endless stone. The endless stone was only broken by small air pockets, none more than a few blocks large and vast distances apart. In one of those caves, The Old arose, of endless wisdom and power. The first thing He did, He made time begin, for else...
  4. Adrijaned

    Goolang (ideas about custom conlang)

    I might be just confusing some english terminology about what is "object". I meant by the simple structure that there would be always written who, and then what he does... I'm sure there must be some terms I'm missing. On the second note, perhaps I should change "words" to "tokens"?
  5. Adrijaned

    Goolang (ideas about custom conlang)

    Following the discussions on chat about conlang, here are some of my thoughts about one that would suit well the gooblocks (see for all kinds of details about gooblocks) As Goolang isn't anything but a mere transcript of gooblock's telephatic...
  6. Adrijaned

    About goo.

  7. Adrijaned

    Suggested Biome hacking and natural evolution

    To add to the block coloring thing: in the current state I've removed it from the engine in the form of being dependent on biomes. I'll try looking into how to re-implement that feature through some module.
  8. Adrijaned

    About goo.

    Hierarchy of Goo Gooblocks in every goopool can generally be split to 5 types similar to human genders, all of them required to be present in the goopool for it to thrive. "Caste" of each gooblock is determined through special ritual only upon reaching adulthood, which is at about 27 years of...
  9. Adrijaned

    About goo.

    Over the past few months, I have heard several people refer to the genus of gooblocks (lat. Offere triplicata), be it Offere triplicata gramina or Offere triplicata silva, or even the rare Offere triplicata montis, by the name "Gooey". That is, however, highly incorrect. "Gooey", in fact, is...
  10. Adrijaned


    There s also Gource video for our siblng game, DestinationSol!
  11. Adrijaned

    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! My name's Jindřich Dítě, but I try to use nick Adrijaned anywhere where possible. 2. Which task did you enjoy the most? I enjoyed a lot of tasks, but for me, the best ones were the WorldGen tasks. 3. Were there any tasks you could not complete? If so: what was...
  12. Adrijaned

    Suggested Formal description of "Centaur" NPC

    First off, there should be several types of centaurs, and their behavior should be based on their type. The types I'm thinking of are peaceful/vegetarian, not carrying any weapons and not intentionally harming any player nor NPC, then wild hunters, carrying some sort of ranged weapons, and maybe...
  13. Adrijaned

    SerpentAI and Terasology

    In reply to cervator's notes on GCI task: There is no need in actually supplying my scripts. The launching script was really just cd /home/username/IdeaProjects/Terasolofy;./gradlew jar game > /dev/null. The modified serpentAI's script (for me, because of some messed up permissions...
  14. Adrijaned


    "Terasology | Alpha" is correct, you just need to install xdotool
  15. Adrijaned

    SerpentAI and Terasology

    One of the tasks in this year's GCI - and from my point of view so far the hardest task - was investigating the Serpent AI system and showing a bot playing Terasology. So, the first thing I would like to tell you - if you want to try that that yourself, think about it again. It might have been...
  16. Adrijaned

    Suggested Module suggestion - random loot pool

    Actually, I don't like coffee at all. It's just that after the first sentence, more coffee kept coming and coming, and coming...
  17. Adrijaned

    Suggested Module suggestion - random loot pool

    Right now one thing I miss/would like to find is some kind of pool to drag random items from, for instance as treasures in randomly generated structures or as rewards for beating bosses/solving quests/freeing a village/drinking a coffee/whatever a module finds reasonable. This module should not...