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    Contributor Hi! This is PutawanDE

    @Adrijaned No, but I'm looking forward to GSOC 2020-21. Still one more year left for high school.
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    Contributor Hi! This is PutawanDE

    Name: "Tanadol 'Phu' Deachprapakorn" Social: My Github is "PutawanDE". Facebook is "Putawan Tanadol Deachprapakorn". From: I'm from Thailand. Skills / Tools: I know C# and Java. I am involved in game development using Unity. Found via: Google Code-In 2018 Interests: I'm interested in...
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    GCI 2018 - My First GCI Experience with Terasology

    Hello, everyone. My name is Tanadol Deachprapakorn aka. putawan-de and putawanDE on Github. I'm from Thailand. This thread is going to be about my first Google Code-in experience with Terasology which I would like to share with you all. Discovered Google Code-in and Terasology This was my...