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    Design Unique Terasology constructed language ("conlang") script

    We still lack support for switching font dynamically in-game! You can define which font to use for a label, but there isn't a nice way to swap it, like switch from the latin alphabet to arabic and such. That's a huge hole in putting this to work :-( Talking to the author I expect the next step...
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    GSoC 2019 Proposal Draft - Light and Shadow Remastered

    Alright, one more round of heavy feedback coming your way, nice work so far! :-) Pinging @SuperSnark and @Skaldarnar for some more feedback if able
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    Intro Hey, I'm Isaac

    Hey there, welcome to the forum! :-) Happy to have you, inspiration can be drawn from all sorts of source, not just MC, and even just entirely made up. Looking forward to what you come up with!
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    GSOC 2019 - Student Applications soon

    The ideas board has been substantially updated this weekend, with 22 ideas in the ready column now, and several more just awaiting a bit more effort to move there :) There's also a bunch more details in the "Meta" cards to read up on. Some of the ideas are special - Google announced a new thing...
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    GSoC idea rough sketch: Distinct Terrain Features (Seeking Feedback)

    That all sounds pretty close and spot-on, yes. Deterministic worldgen is very important and there are a bunch of cool ways to warp polygons and so on, great articles available online. The main important open question I have is: do our current facets support enough abstract / high level worldgen...
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    Contributor Hello, this is Loonride!

    Welcome to the community! Great to have you. Yes please dig as deep as you like in worldgen and help the game run more readily in all the places :-)
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    GSOC 2019 - Student Applications soon

    We're in GSOC for the 4th year running :-) Our organization and community continues broadening as does the potential for where to work in a GSOC project. Terasology's engine and module land remains primary, but there are so many supporting tools and projects now, along with Destination Sol...
  8. Cervator

    Contributor Hey, I'm AndyTechGuy!

    Definitely go with placeholder or freebie public assets for the "GSOC scope" part (GSOC is meant to be mostly code anyway, and not count artwork), then consider the more fitting and cool models as a bonus you might get to, especially if you can get some help from somebody like Quaternius to...
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    Intro Hi! Its Anish.

    Ah right - as I think I mention regularly it is hard to connect all the dots everywhere especially with even slight name variants hehe :p
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    Intro Hi! Its Anish.

    Hey good to see an intro thread! Your name does seem a little familiar, but my memory is at overcapacity for all the different people :-) Hop on Discord sometime if you have questions!
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    Intro Hi this is Cady!

    Welcome! Yay GSOC! :-) Thanks for your kind words! Hop on Discord and say hi sometime, if you haven't already (can be hard to keep track of all the names). Let us know if you have questions!
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    Intro Hello, this is Aizen93

    Welcome! Cool to see you have some solid related background. And yeah our little project here has grown over the years and it is hard to keep track of all the pieces (and people!) :-) If you've dealt with voxels, shapes, and Blender maybe you'd be interested in helping out with our Blender...
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    Join to Dark side!

    Hey that looks like the first ground vehicle we could add when DS gets "walking on planets" or something :D GSOC is starting, DS may even get a slot or two, depending on how it goes. Gestalt has had an initial pass for Android compatibility and it might be possible to get the game working there...
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    Contributor Hi! I'm Kinshuk

    Welcome @kinshuk ! Grats on winning at GCI already, sweet. Terrain generation could badly use you! We still haven't re-implemented overhangs and some of the other fun details in the main Perlin worldgen. That would be a really nice pre-GSOC mini project if you're up for it. ShatteredPlanes (live...
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    Contributor Hi, I'm E. Aakash

    Welcome! Have enjoyed our interactions and your work so far. Keep it up - super glad to have you around! :-)
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    Contributor Hey, I'm AndyTechGuy!

    Nice to see an intro thread! :) For a GSOC primer have you read the student guide? That covers a lot. Might be good to start there then chime in here or on chat with more specific questions. Generally I've found that proposals 2-3 pages or longer work well with an overview cutting the overall...
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    Featured March play test, Alpha 12, another dev session or two, and yay we got into GSOC again!

    Much to share, still terrible at keeping up with activity as it happens! The play test for March is scheduled to start in just past 10 hours from this thread being posted (noon US eastern). It'll be using the Alpha 12 Omega zip and related notes and bug hunting will happen on the GitHub triage...
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    Featured February play test and dev sessions - GSOC up next!

    Narrator: it did! Not that I got back to updating this right after, but we had a very productive play test and piled in a ton more notes for - now it is about time for the one in March, hopefully we can sort out some of the remaining triage...
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    Featured February play test and dev sessions - GSOC up next!

    Next scheduled play test is in about 24 hours (noon eastern time Saturday), although it might be more of an on-and-off type thing for the weekend when there's activity and testing interest. In addition I'd like to run a few dev discussion sessions like we did back during the holidays as they...
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    Question Can't connect to multiplayer

    Plus, the official event host is only online for actual events :-) Official stable + unstable tend to always be online but there's a performance issue causing them to break down too soon to keep them online right now.