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  1. Cervator

    Design Project Planning: QwerZoo (name pending?)

    Finally had a chance to read the full thing, and this really is the exact kind of thing we need to flesh out more best practices and make sure we have solid foundation style modules in general. Definitely consider reworking existing modules that seem relevant to your interests as in most cases...
  2. Cervator

    Intro Hey there, this is Nira

    Welcome! Happy to have you on board. Our code is easy - actually making a solid video game we're still working on ... :D
  3. Cervator

    Intro Hello, this is fortiseven

    Welcome! Is your friend somebody we'd know? :) Have you set up to run from source yet? Any outstanding questions? I do remember seeing a translation PR or two roll in. Hopefully soon we'll figure out some better translation website again :thumbsup:
  4. Cervator

    Proposal for The Terasology Foundation - GSoC 2019 (by TheHxn)

    Don't feel bad - regardless of selection merely applying and working with mentors on a serious proposal should be a valuable learning experience, plus it sets you up for more than just GSOC. Depends on your interest and availability of course. Thank you for sticking with the process :-)
  5. Cervator

    GSoC Proposal - Tutorial Journey website(s) for players and modders

    So your proposal has definitely improved over time. But one oddity is that you keep adding completely new things that haven't come up at all or been linked to any involved GSOC Idea. That means your proposal makes it two steps forward then takes a big leap backward. Now there are brand new...
  6. Cervator

    Metal Renegades - GSoC Proposal Draft

    Haha yeah I was reading that final paragraph thinking "Oh yeah there's some Borderlands coming" then yep! Not really a bad comparison either, just with more rails and maybe the bullet hails spread out a bit more ;-) Checked the proposal again but not much to say, seems pretty solid :thumbsup:
  7. Cervator

    GSoC Proposal Draft: Terasology Launcher 4.0

    Initial feedback added :-) Other than the semi-rush / late hour probably the biggest weakness I see is that your goals are somewhat abstract ("Do good things!") then your timeline mentions oddly specific things ("Game Manager piece!") without having a good expansion on that part. Often it...
  8. Cervator

    GSoC 2019 - Collective Behavior

    Did an initial review and while it is thin (no surprise with this little time) considering the circumstances it seems pretty spot on. Scope has a good feel to it, although of course it would be nice to have some more integration points with existing code, and related examples that exist at...
  9. Cervator

    Contributor Hi! My name is Arthur

    Welcome! Last minute for sure, but you certainly are making an effort! :-)
  10. Cervator

    Master Of Oreon - Version 2 GSoC 2019

    Checked real quick but only left a few comments for time reasons - btw there are still two comments at the bottom that haven't been resolved :-)
  11. Cervator

    Design What makes a launcher important?

    Thanks for the post :-) Yep, launch args are definitely still a thing :/ Other reasons for the launcher: Managing a remote server without launching the game itself, launching the game fully skinned and locked into a particular form of game (sometimes easier than "refreshing" an already running...
  12. Cervator

    GSoC Proposal Draft - Terasology Launcher

    I still definitely think we have some (hard) architectural decisions to make here, just like with the module site. I remain drawn to Java although I don't want to lose track of one founding principle of the launcher: it was meant to be super simple to launch, specifically so it would work in...
  13. Cervator

    Proposal for The Terasology Foundation - GSoC 2019 (by TheHxn)

    Reviewed again. Improving, but the sad reality is that we'd probably need another week or two and some more deep code dives to get this proposal somewhere really nice :-)
  14. Cervator

    GSoC 2019 - Master of Oreon

    Yep I left a few comments, much appreciated! Good step forward for the proposal for sure :-) While more tweaking can always be done the hour grows late - I suggest you hit the code and get a few PRs submitted if at all possible! Bonus for being in related code
  15. Cervator

    GSoC Proposal: Health Module

    Sorry for not catching your comment sooner: sort of an in-between. If you feel like you have space in the main project this would be a very nice item to add, but if not it could simply be an easily achievable stretch goal :-)
  16. Cervator

    GSOC Proposal draft for Terasology Launcher 4.0

    I've left a few comments on the doc and an overview on Discord: in short this would have been a good starting point a couple weeks or longer ago, but with 2.5 days till the deadline it would be very difficult to get this to a competitive level for both proposal quality and community...
  17. Cervator

    GSoC 2019 - Master of Oreon

    Left one comment on Discord since I didn't see Suggesting enabled on the GDoc. Pretty alright proposal if probably a bit too much for three months :-)
  18. Cervator

    Proposal for The Terasology Foundation - GSoC 2019 (by TheHxn)

    Hey there :-) I went through your proposal but I think you might want to go over the GSOC student guide and/or some other proposals to get a better idea of what a proposal is actually meant to be. It needs to be a road map for how you plan to spend 3 months implementing very specific features...
  19. Cervator

    Intro Hello, my name is Ket

    Stranger danger! Stranger danger! That man touched my dinosaur!
  20. Cervator

    Master Of Oreon - Version 2 GSoC 2019

    Checked again, a few things are improved, but I don't really get the feeling you're spending enough time taking the feedback to heart, truly thinking about what it means, looking around in the proposal and code, then coming up with a reasonable response. In some cases you just keep throwing more...