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  1. dottel

    Module permissions

    Is there a module that other modules can hook in to for permissions? Thus controlling skills/abilities/actions that certain players and or ranks can use/do?
  2. dottel

    Terasology server perks

    So, a lot of MC servers out there did, and still do, offer extra unlockable features for real world money. Servers are not free and a good one is not cheap, so I was thinking if it is okay at some point to charge money for perks. Given some cash flow on a server, beyond being self sustaining, I...
  3. dottel

    Archived Simplified Linux launch script

    For the lazy Linux(Ubuntu) user, this requires a tiny bit of work but makes life easier. 1.) Right click on desktop, create a new empty document. I simply named mine Terasology. A file type extension is not required. 2.) Place the follow text in to said file: #!/bin/sh cd...
  4. dottel

    Resolved Linux. 10 seconds and then crash.

    Pastebin of error: Upon loading up the game I am able to walk around and jump for a very short time, maybe 10 seconds. Then it crashes. I am on Ubuntu 15.04, NVidia 780 on proprietary drivers, i5 2500k and 16 gig ram. Please let me know if you need further...