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  1. brylie

    Featured February play test and dev sessions - GSOC up next!

    Hm, I don't see any other play testers on Discord. Is the playtesting still happening?
  2. brylie

    Goolang (ideas about custom conlang)

    I like the overall idea of an 'archival' lanuage for Gooblocks. Your examples actually contain 'subject', 'object', and 'verb'. That is a bit confusing, and may need to be changed. In effect, you have nouns, verbs, and adjectives at the least. Perhaps focus less on the grammar constructs...
  3. brylie

    Suggested Improving game asset creation pipeline

    It has also been noted that Terasology supports COLLADA, which is also a public standard for asset interchange. So, a mid-term solution here might be to deprecate MD5 in favor of COLLADA support. Both COLLADA and gLTF are developed by the Khronos group.
  4. brylie

    Suggested Improving game asset creation pipeline

    Terasology documentation currently recommends using the MD5 3D mesh format to import in-game assets. This is problematic for several reasons. Firstly, there isn't a reliable way to export MD5 meshes from Blender, as the few MD5 export modules are somewhat neglected and Blender does not have an...
  5. brylie

    Suggested Biome hacking and natural evolution

    dkienenb suggested the following examples for catching mobs:
  6. brylie

    Suggested Biome hacking and natural evolution

    Relating to a comment made earlier by Cervator, I have been an idea to help make worlds more "alive". I'm posting the idea here in the hopes we can discuss it and what might be involved to create such functionality from technical, design, and game asset creation perspectives. In the game...
  7. brylie

    Suggested Item in hand should not have motion blur

    When looking around in Terasology, the game adds a motion blur effect, applied to all FOV elements equally.: However, the motion blur effect should not be applied, so strongly at least, to the object in the player's hand. This can be tested by holding your hand in front of your face and moving...
  8. brylie

    Featured Happy 7th birthday, Terasology!

    Would you mind that I try posting it to the blog, putting you as the author?
  9. brylie

    Featured Happy 7th birthday, Terasology!

    It might be worth it to cross-post these types of announcements to the Terasology blog. That way they will show up on the Terasology front page. From the current front page, it is hard to get an idea of how active this project actually is! :-)