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  1. ReleeSquirrel

    Back Again

    Hi Everybody! I'm all done college and I'm out lookin' for work. Spending some time applying for jobs, some time working on a lame portfolio, and a lot of time reeling from anxiety and depression. I've been thinking about helping out on Terasology again. Well, I didn't really help much last...
  2. ReleeSquirrel


    I just saw these guys on YouTube and wanted to share. I think their stuff looks a lot nicer than ours! XD Oh and one more thing! Sorry I haven't done much for the Terasology project! I'd still like to, but my plan of using my contributions to Terasology...
  3. ReleeSquirrel

    Inactive Three Tier AI

    Cervator edit: Moved to Suggestions and marked inactive. Other AI threads have come since, but this one still has a lot of neat stuff! Skaldarnar edit: Merged with Esereja 's AI thread, moved to incubator, added header Name:Three Tier AI System Summary: The Three Tier AI system is a concept for...
  4. ReleeSquirrel

    Archived Official Modmix Distributions

    Reading some of the comments on modding, and how much should be in the 'base game' and how much should be added in mods made me think about some friends of mine. They don't like modding games. Some won't mod games at all, and some won't mod games untill they've 'finished' the base game, and...
  5. ReleeSquirrel


    Is there any documentation outside of the comments in the code? I'm going through the code in my spare time, trying to work out the logic and flow of the program. As I do so I write what the program is doing at each stage in plain english. Is there anything like that already made, to...
  6. ReleeSquirrel

    Hi, I'm Relee the Squirrel

    Name: "Arthur 'Relee the Squirrel' Payne" Social: Github: ArthurPayne, Twitter: Relee, Coding Blog: From: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth (Sol 3), Sol System, Milky Way, Local Group, Local Supercluster, Universe A...