Suggested 2D maps / layers and an associated editor


Project Lead and Community Wizard
I came across the Tiled map editor once or twice before, thought I'd add it as a potential resource in a suggestions thread. While it is a 2D tile editor I wonder if it could be useful to work on some of the map types/layers we don't have much of yet.

Its maps can be used within LibGDX which add some curiosity for other uses like for Destination Sol and maybe other future games of interest :)

For Terasology we already have the WorldViewer but it more previews what a world would look like based on input, it doesn't edit. Nor do we really have anything to save to, other than plain heightmap image files.

Could we use something like Tiled to edit a base heightmap? Maybe even to work with a world like the one for Light & Shadow? Could we eventually introduce the "world map" concept/layer I keep ranting about, and use such an editor to place cities and such?

I'm not intending to dig into this topic particularly soon, but I didn't want to forget about Tiled, and I'm curious what others have to say about it, maybe especially in relation to our WorldEditor (@msteiger: ping!)