Another big build - and big plans


Project Lead and Community Wizard
Although the plans will mostly trickle out over the next few days to keep this post from growing too huge. Suffice to say they include multiplayer, long-term planning details, codebase spring cleaning, and maybe a secret :)

In the meantime - stable build #22 is out ! Here's a teaser video by Skaldarnar !

Bigger summary of stuff beyond the usual batch of bug fixes:
  • Miniion system overhaul by overdhose - this is round two and will likely see more major changes as interacting with creatures becomes more powerful and convenient (it can be a little awkward to work with now, but there's already a lot of diversity! Gathering, terraforming, crafting, farming). Big feature on a very central area, looking forward to seeing this go further :)
  • Grammar system enhancements by Skaldarnar - also a big deal as this allows very easy procedural generation of buildings and exercises some very useful parts of the code. Wonder how far away procedural cities are? :D
  • Crafting system by Adeon - another big obvious feature we've been lacking for a while. This is another area we'll likely do more major changes to like moving more toward building blueprints you can repeatedly craft rather than "spend" a crafting design each time. Intro video available. Wiki-Page.
  • Full screen option! (Finally!)
  • Sweet new content by Maternal including cake blocks and our new iconic "Oreons" that overdhose put right to use as our new helper race (miniions). Gooey is going to get jealous!
  • More chuck refactoring by Panserbjoern in preparation for stackable chunks (coming soon) to expand the vertical reach of the world as well as allowing for more data to be crammed into blocks
  • A hunger system by Esereja - an initial effort that needs some UI work still but should set us toward the path of having to actually survive in the world ;)
  • Improved spawning via portals and even natively in the world centered on the player's position
  • Modules can now override other assets defined elsewhere thanks to more iteration on the mod system by Immortius thus allowing texture packs and fun stuff like that!
  • More sound events allow us to attach sound effects to other stuff in-game like jumping into water or landing hard enough on the ground to hurt yourself (and potentially your ears till we tweak that sfx, heh)
  • Another big pile of rendering/performance tweaks by begla that mostly go over my head as fancy 3d wizardry so just launch the game and enjoy the lush splendor at a better FPS stability than ever :cool: Try out SSAO with 'F9' and look for more plants to wave in the wind again now that we can support that. Not just plants either, even the trees can sway in the wind now!
Other stuff very close to hitting develop include a new way to dynamically connect blocks of the same type together (like fences or rails) along with a new stack of plants from metouto that might end up getting backed by a basic growth system soon. Also flat plants like vines coming :)

Stay tuned over the coming days for additional details - and more TALES - OF - INTEREST!