[Apr 6, 2013] Room for lore in a procedural world? (IRC or something Googley)


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
I'm bringing on board a potential new contributor with some heavy background in lore (and art), akin to SuperSnark who is my 3rd for sure participant. We're all in US East so this is set a little late for the Euros, but I thought I'd post the note publicly in case somebody else with an interest can make it :)

Topic is what role lore (and associated "fancy" out-of-game artwork) might play in a setting that usually is "blank slate" due to the nature of procedural worlds. I've suggested the idea of scenarios / campaigns that could come with a saved world prepared as per an author and we've poked at potential world back story / theme as well as snippets of lore from a potential "the world-that-was" and other ways to archive lore

Key is, like with everything else, it is hard to work in a vacuum. So I'm thinking about how we can make it something more solid, like my favorite example which I still remember fondly (and re-read a few months ago)