Big Terasology Build Project


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I've started working on a fairly large build project, I have a general idea of what I want to build, but I figured that I should invite other people to join me on this project. Now, eventually i want to make a video of this project as well to try and increase the image and popularity of this game (cause its awesome :D ); so, I'm looking for builders to come and work on this project with me.

If you would like to join me on this project, please post below with your name, some form of contact info ( E-Mail, Google+, Skype, or Steam) and some form of previous building/architectural experience. I will try to contact you back as shortly as I can, and I will update the pictures of the project regularly. Thanks and have a great one!

Heres the Pics!

and without the lighting effects

The Plan

Shown above, I've been slowly enclosing an ocean bay with bridges which eventually i want to add small docks and some prebuilt ships to the water :):cough cough:: moving boats would be sweet ::cough cough:: XD) Anyway, on the shore of this bay i want to put an overhanging castle which will be dug into the hillside, possibly up to 8 stories or so depends on how far up the mountain it really is. This castle wall will be curved outward over the bay slightly so that it looks "suspended" above the shoreline. I haven't started on the castle yet, again as shown above, I'm still working on the walls.​


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Hey I'm new to terasology but I would be interested in helping :p you can call me Axe, i can pm you an email or something. previous architectural experience is from minecraft.