Problem Black Screen


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I have a problem because I have a black screen while playing and you only see the HUD.

Sorry my english is not so good.

GTX 960 Latest driver
Fx 6300 3,5ghz-4,1ghz
1TB Western Digital HDD
Asus Mainboard 970
FSp Fortron Raider 500 Watt
8Gb Crucial Ballistic Sports ram

Ich kann The Witcher 3 auf Ultra Spielen

Danke für die Hilfe


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Is the screen black right from start, or can you see menus normally

My tips would be to:
  1. Have a look at the log files or pasting them at and adding a link to your post
  2. Try reducing the graphic setting to figure out if there is one problematic option
  3. Try after a while another newer driver version. I run the game on Linux with Nvidia GTX 970 and OpenGL 4.5.0 and driver version 367.57


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Hey @Hexer607 - can you get us your log files and confirm if you have the latest video card drivers?

Some of the graphics settings can cause trouble, like full screen or manually resizing the game window. The black screen with HUD usually is because of a graphics card / driver issue though. There was a "bad" nvidia driver released recently that caused trouble with Minecraft, that often causes trouble for us as well.

It still looks like the hotfix at is the newest from nvidia, I don't see a newer official release yet.