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I just saw these guys on YouTube and wanted to share. I think their stuff looks a lot nicer than ours! XD

Oh and one more thing! Sorry I haven't done much for the Terasology project! I'd still like to, but my plan of using my contributions to Terasology for term project credit at college fell apart, and I still have term projects (like six of them) so I won't have time to help out for a few months.

But, after I graduate again, at least untill I find work, I should have plenty of time. Just like I had time over winter holidays that I spent finishing old video games instead. ^.^;;


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Heya ReleeSquirrel - good to see you're still around, take your time with college and enjoy, we'll still be here :)

Yeah Blockscape is quite impressive with the level of hi-res detail it can get to. Very pretty world. While we're pushing the "8-bit Crysis angle" I suppose you could say Blockscape has raised the bit count a tad in exchange for less focus on other angles. I kinda wonder exactly what sort of actual game it'll be. Reminds me of Mythruna in that sense. CubeWorld on the other hand seems to have a clearer goal and a more distinctive style.

I'd be curious to see how close we'd look if we added hi-res texture options and naturally generated slopes. In the meantime I think creatures and other fun content is more important to our core goal :)

Also: old video games ftw!