Box2D-Editor Rechristening


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Hello, DestSol developers!

Most of you might not know me, so let me begin with a quick introduction. I'm vampcat, a GSoC applicant for Terasology this year. However, one of the things that caught my fancy was DestSol, and I plan on dedicating quite a lot of time to it in the near future.

However, one of the essentials parts of asset creation for DestSol is the collision mesh generation. This was earlier done using Box2D-Editor (B2DE), which stopped working after porting to latest libgdx version. However, the editor and it's demo have been made functional again, and as I continue to work on it, I believe we should rename it to something a little more appropriate. B2DE uses Box2D for it's physics, which is where I suppose he name came from - but it's about time we polished the editor and gave it a name that conveys the purpose of the editor a little more.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this, as well as any suggestions for a new name.

For the first suggestion, I present before you "Convex Digestertron" by @Cervator xD


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I joke, I joke! I more or less just turned about the technical terms you used to describe what it does :D

That might hold some more potential for what to name it. So throw some more buzzwords in here! Everybody loves buzzwords. Right? ;)

Pinging @Rulasmur @SimonC4 @AvaLanCS @FredoMaster @Trekmarvel ... probably more