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Tom ''Aquas'' C.

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Hey there buds! Just to introduce myself I'll start this thread (as it is important for the game itself). My name's Tom. I'm from Barcelona, Spain and i'm 16 years old. Since in 1st April my house burned up, I've been entertaining myself with this game which I found in the hotel I was hosted and now I'm a complete freak! ;)

So with my experience I've found many glitches and bugs.

  1. The gravity forces suck you into the planets textures when you're near an edge or a vertical or nearly vertical wall. I may think this is produced by a script error in the gravity physics that affect the planets.
  2. I've had many problems within the ''save&quit'' actions. e.g.: It's supposed that if you quit the game in a friend base-ship you have to spawn there the next time you enter the game. Well, it doesn't happens! hahahahaha.(Sometimes the inventory or the weapons in double-slotted ships get mixed when you enter the game)
Hope it helps for now! I'll keep searching on this kind of things, so the game increases it's perfection when the new versions are released!

P.S.: Keep doing your great job cervator! A big hug from here! SteamID: ShaDoXxGG|Steam name: Aquas':thumbsup:


Tom ''Aquas'' C.

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Maybe could be a great thing to put the high-speed teletransporters (as I call'em) in different altitude orbits, thanks to that we can be sure taht they don't pass through each other!:)


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Hi Tom, welcome. Sorry to hear about your house getting burned up.

Thanks for reporting these, we'll be sure to look at them at some stage.

The save game isn't really set up at the moment, but it is on the list of things to do.


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Hi Tom! Yeah sorry to hear about your house, yikes!

I know there is some overlap issues in some places where you can get too close to some things. I haven't seen the entirely sucked in bug yet, but good to have some more details to try reproducing.

Save game pretty much just restarts you in a ship with the stuff in it you had last. It doesn't save position, world state, or anything like that.

The "teleporters" are called star ports in the code, but I like star gates or even star lanes better. Like everything else their placement and function could use some tweaking :)