Archived Clan System

It is boring when no clan exist in Terasology,I think of a suggestion that Tera should add a clan system.It will be more exciting when there is a clan system.


1.Clan Forums- Clan leaders can make a thread in a special room called "Clan Forums(or whatever)".Then they will recruit players in Terasology and they need to apply in the clan.

2.In-Game Clans- The difference is that you will create a clan in-game and not in a forum.

Reply "1" for Clan Forums and reply "2" if In-Game Clans....


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Clans or other forms of player associations are likely a fair bit down the road, particularly since we're still pre-alpha (not quite BETA yet, heh) and working on the basics like actual gameplay, creatures, and an actual player in the first place beyond a disembodied hand... :)

But yeah, something like that will likely exist eventually. And welcome!