Resolved Console Commands doesn't work right ?


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Hey I got a little problem by requesting another chest. ( I hope there are more wooden plank and Bricks, actually need them fore my treehouse)^^

If I type in giveItem "core:chest" I dind't get one and I am really sure that the command is right if not than I'm sorry for dumb asking. :/ Is there maybe a way to request Planks & Bricks with a command or to craft them ?

Thanks in forward ! :)


Lead Software Architect
At the moment it would be giveItem "Chest" (case sensitive). In the future it will be "core:chest" or "engine:chest". This is because what you are actually being given is the chest block, not the prefab, and there is some development to be done around blocks.

Likewise giveItem "Plank" and "Brick" will give you planks and bricks respectively. You can get a full list of blocks with "help blockList" (you will need to scroll with the mouse wheel to see them all).