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Hello everybody,
i'm working with my friends in a Terasology's extension called TeraCity that applies the concept of CodeCity (a city with buildings that represents each class of a project) for a course of software development, the thing is we now need to create textures dynamically and then apply it to face of a building: for example generate a minimap texture (like the minimap image of Sublime Text Editor) that represents the code and then apply that texture to the building without creating a new one for performance reasons.
The Terasology's engine version of TeraCity is 0.53.0.
Inspecting the engine, we found that every texture is store in a big texture called Atlas and then a block gets its texture from it. The thing is this happens in the world-creation process where blocks and textures creation is easy, but we need to create some textures in-game because, for example, we cannot store all minimap textures for every class in a project.

Any idea if our requirement is possible with this engine version?

Cervator told me about a module called Computer Monitor that may help us, but it seems our project doesn't have it,
also told me about to store prepared blocks with the desire textures, but that can't be done because it's against the requirements we were given.

Thank you very much for your help guys


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So your project won't have any extra modules unless you fetch them from the right repo on http://github.com/Terasology - you can use "gradlew fetchModuleX" in a local engine workspace to fetch the module repo from there named "X"

However, it will quickly become problematic to run modules or indeed to get help even with engine issues if you stay on an older engine release :(

Any chance you can fit in updating to latest engine, at least v1.0.0 since it is considered stable? Meaning we try not to break the engine for a long time after that when it comes to modules.

@msteiger may have some ideas on minimap / other mapping. Maybe @Florian and @Josharias as well.

The ComputerMonitors module works with a few others to give you an in-game computing environment akin to OpenComputers or ComputerCraft from MineCraft. Here's a sample video:

@Marcin Sciesinski is its author but I'm not sure how well it would work on your current engine version (maybe perfectly fine as the computer modules haven't been altered in a while) nor if it would fit into your requirements to include other modules.