Intro Ello! My alias of choice is DatOneGuy1010 or some variation of that.


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Name: DatOneGuy1010, Dog for short or some pet name if ya like
Nationality: American, or a U.S. citizen if you prefer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Social: Twitter and Youtube @ DatOneGuy1010, Twitch @ DatOneGuy0101, Steam @ datoneguy1010
Skills: I've a knack for pixel art and am in no way a trained expert. I've dipped my toes in java and lua. A piece I'm proud of
Interests: I love myself some games. I've also an undying admiration for mod creators and their work, and by extension the games those mods well, modify. (Minecraft, Terraria, Cod WAW/Bo3, etc."
  • I own a rat named Fenrir
  • I am currently (re)writing a book (A Brand of Many Names if you are curious. ->
  • I have an immense amount of respect for the weight of water
  • Are you still reading?
  • I had bowing fractures in both legs when I was a kid and made a full recovery without a cast or a splint
  • Hippos can split a man into two pieces with a single bite


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Hey there, welcome and nice intro

Anyone with the interest to learn and help out is always appreciated. Hopefully we can get some of your work into some module ^-^