First 24/7 server launch ever ! pre alpha server !

Today I am happy to announce the launch of the first 24/7 server !

You can connect to it using the following IP : with the default port.

You will need the latest dev build if you wish to connect to the server Download the latest build:

Please be aware this server it very much in early development to do not expect it to be stable.
Please also be aware map resets will likely be frequently tho we aim to make this much more rare.
Please also be aware this server is also being used in a testing manner.

Anyway this sever aims to build the first major multiplayer community for terasology and help people make friends. I’d like to stress, though, that the server is founded on maturity—if you can’t deal with the rules and get along with people then please don't expect to be welcomed. However, if you’re civil and willing to contribute, we’ll be happy to see you online!

Please make sure you follow the rules !

1: Don't ask for OP
2: Don't ask for items
3: No swearing
4: No Griefing
5: No Offensive Builds (genitals, swastikas, etc.
6: No bug exploiting
7: Don't not do anything on purpose that could cause a server crash.

Please also be aware should the server crash sadly the way things are right now we will have no choice but to reset the world, this is due to a permission bug. So i suggest not putting to much effort into builds currently.

I would also ask if you are player on the server at a time of a crash I ask you report the time of crash in this thread. This will enable me to post the crash report to the developers.

I will advise players to also build away form spawn and hidden, this is due to the lack of protection this game currently does not offer.

I would also like assistants from players and developers so we can improve the server and server client for both myself and future server owners out there.

anyway i hope you enjoy your stay on my server. !


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Basically following the same common sense rules as Christopher Jose shared, you can feel free to log in our 24/7 server at This is a test server, it is for fun and for testing. It is free, and you get what you pay for! We may, or may not change it at any time, it may crash, we may kick you for any reason or no reason at all. That said, we are setting it up with good memory and bandwidth and it should play well while it is working. It will be constantly updated to the latest release.



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For stable build 50 you can use the attached module to give all players per default the permission to cheat.



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Yep with the new release out we need to update. @minnesotags maybe we can update your server this weekend sometime?