Suggested Formal Description of a Flying Squirrel NPC


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A general description

The flying squirrel npc would purpose as a neutral npc, they have no main purpose in the game. The squirrel would resemble something like a bat but only cuter and less hostile :D.

Default behavior

Most of the time, the squirrel will spend its time on trees. Climbing trees back and forth, hiding in the leaves above, a perfect place where it could be free from predators.

Unlike birds, the flying squirrel could only glide for a limited distance, their main flight trajectory is to an adjacent tree. They will occasionally fly around for no reason. (adds some cuteness factor)

Gather food
Sometimes they will jump on the ground to gather food, they will go to places near flowers and grass to find food.

Situational Behavior

When two squirrels meet, they will chit chat for a while, then mind their own business.

Chopped tree
When you cut a tree with a squirrel on it, surely the squirrel will lose its home, it will go into stray mode.

When a squirrel is in stray mode, it will become hostile to near players. They will attack you no matter what until it finds a new home (you have to plant a new tree for it). Its attack damage will also be increased.

When a player tries to hurt a squirrel, it will surely attack back until you back off from it.

When it's night time, squirrels will become more active than usual, more flying, roaming the world on its own.

Squirrels will have the ability to mate and also giving birth. The newborns will stay at their parents tree until it has grown up. Their parents will spend more time on their tree.