Suggested Formal description of "Centaur" NPC

First off, there should be several types of centaurs, and their behavior should be based on their type. The types I'm thinking of are peaceful/vegetarian, not carrying any weapons and not intentionally harming any player nor NPC, then wild hunters, carrying some sort of ranged weapons, and maybe some small melee weapon for personal defense, basically ignoring player and humanoid NPC's unless provoked. The last type would be vicious centaurs, carrying some sort of large melee weapon, like club or zweihander(not you, Suraj). This type of centaur will attack anything it sees.

Centaurs would spawn on plains or other similar open spaces.

For describing a behavior, I will use letters P(eaceful), H(unter), or V(icious) to mark which types of centaurs will have that behavior.

Natural behavior:

(PH)- lot of time, the centaurs should spend resting just lying on the ground
Hunting(HV)- the centaurs should spend some time wandering around, looking for a prey in their vicinity
Travelling(PHV)- time from time, the centaurs should start travelling to different place, trotting in on direction for the whole day

Situational Behavior
(PHV)- On nightfall, the centaurs will come rest to their "camp". Their camp is a place they last travelled to +- 10 blocks. If they are currently travelling, they lay to rest in the place they are currently in, and mark that place as their camp.
Hunting(H)- When there is some prey (animal) in proximity of centaur (about a chunk's length away), and the centaur has not hunted anything for a day or more, it will start hunting the prey, shooting it with bow and following it around
Attacking(V)- When there is any possible victim or prey (be it animal or humanoid) except for another centaur in their proximity (about a chunk's length away), the centaur will start chasing it at pretty high speed, and once it reaches its victim, it should start attacking the victim with its weapon. This also supplements the hunting.
Collecting/grazing(PH)- The centaurs should start collecting fruits/grazing when there is something to collect/grass to eat in their proximity, which could be about four chunks around their camp, and they haven't eaten anything for a while. If there is nothing to eat, the centaurs should start to travel.
Defending(HV)- when the centaur gets attacked, it should start to defend itself with it's weapon. V centaurs should battle till their death, whilst H centaurs will try to back off a bit and start defending with its bow, if possible, otherwise with its melee weapon. Once severely harmed, he should start fleeing.
Fleeing(PH)- once attacked(P), or severely harmed(H), the centaur should start fleeing at its highest speed straight away from its attacker running until they are at least 6 chunks away. Then, they should start travelling to another place, resorting back to fleeing, if their attacker comes closer than about two chunks distance.