Suggested Formally Describe the Behavior/AI of a New NPC (Google Code-In) -Pigs


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Default Behaviors
The pig should roam around freely in the forests.
It should sometimes stand still in one area.
They should be able to climb to higher elevations.
The pig can also swim. They will be able to swim close to the shore and only on the surface.

Situational Behaviors and their Triggers.
Pigs in a 10 block radius should follow you when you hold a carrot or a potato
You should be able to feed the pig
If you kill the pig it will drop pork.
If you feed baby pigs carrots they will grow into adult pigs. If you don't feed it will take a certain number of minutes to grow from when it spawned.
If you put a saddle on the pig you can ride it.
If you attack the pig it will start running around like crazy, and then after a few seconds, it should stop.

***There might be a few items in this post that should be added in order for the pig to function properly***
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