Crash Game Crashes on Loading of New World


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My Game Crashes on the loading of a new world..... I am an Acer Aspire V5-572p running Windows 10 with Intel HD 4000 Graphics... Here are the Logs...Any Help I am stumped... I have tried compatibility mode for windows 8 and 7 and administrator mode. Nothing happened ,same thing, crashes on loading of new world..



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With Windows 10 brand new it might take a while for us to react to any issues, like getting any one of our developers to actually have access to a Win10 box :)

Laptops with Intel HD graphics are tricky to begin with, with a new OS it gets trickier still. Even though there are no logged errors it could easily be a graphics issue.

Exactly how does it crash? There are no details in the logs so a good description would help.

Within the next few weeks we'll probably get a bit more into Windows 10. There will also be a new release announced tomorrow to try out.