Google Summer of Code - Applications Started


Development Lead
Th application period for the Google Summer of Code has just started (March 20), and now students can work on their proposal until April 3. This is an exciting time for both us and the students, as we are really curious about all the topics, project ideas, and summer plans!

Be sure to work on your first draft early and collect feedback from other students and mentors. It is your decision if you want to share your document with others, but I can only recommend it as it usually improves its quality. If you are ready to receive "official" feedback from mentors just submit a proposal draft through the GSOC website - preferably as Google Doc. That way, we can easily provide feedback, annotations, etc.

If you want to learn more about how I, as a mentor, view proposal head over to my blog post on Writing a Convincing Proposal for GSOC.

This weekend is perfect to get started with your GSOC application. Join our chat to find out where we need help and what interesting tasks we have to offer! I'm pretty sure you'll find a few other people who would like to join a spontaneous play-test session on one of our servers... ;)