Contributor [GSoC] Hi, I'm Gianluca and I'd like to work on server management API


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Hi everyone and compliments for the great project you are developing. I'm a newcomer and I'd like to do the GSoC with you, here is my presentation:

  • Name: Gianluca Nitti
  • Social: My Github - Twitter (rarely use it but if you want to tag me it's fine) - Freenode IRC nick: gianluca_n
  • From: Italy
  • Skills / Tools: Good Java (I consider it my main language) and related tools (Gradle, Maven, Ant) and IDEs (mainly IntelliJ) knowledge. After Java comes Javascript, I used it mainly for some basic server-side projects with Node and a bit on the client side too. I also have a fairly good knowledge of C, and some very basic C++. Average Git knowledge (commits, branching, merging, etc). Overall good knowledge of common protocols and data transfer formats, like HTTP, XML, JSON, etc. I made some experience with the Android SDK and I made a simple app you can find here. I often like to experiment with various languages/frameworks/technologies that I won't list here since they are probably unrelated to Terasology and I don't know them well; if you want to know if I used language X or framework Y please ask.
  • Found via: Google Summer of Code organizations list
  • Interests: I'd like to work mainly on out-of-game server interaction/administrator, the kind of things described in this issue. I'm thinking about implementing an HTTP API server to embed in the game server to provide chat, user management, maybe 2d map (top view of the world, I'm still not sure if this is feasible) over HTTP, then a frontend for the browser (probably with Angular.js) and a native Android app frontend. I'm also thinking of adding an IRC feature to the server too, to allow to connect to the in-game chat and console through an IRC client. It could be an IRC server to embed in the game server, or alternatively the game server could connect to an IRC server as a bot client, I'm still not sure what's the better way.
  • Extra: I'm a second year undergraduate computer science student, and I'd like to partake in the Google Summer of Code (I apologize if it's a bit late to get in touch with the community) with your organization to develop the features previously described. I think my main strong points are the familiarity with the tech and tools you use (as I said before) and the fact I spend something like 80% of my free time in learning and practicing programming, I really like coding. On the other hand, you may consider as weak points that it would be the first time for me to work on a large codebase (I mainly do projects on my own) and the fact that I rarely practice spoken English, so if you want the communication with mentor and rest of the community to include voice (phone/VoIP) I may not be very familiar with it, ask to repeat, etc; that said, I read English almost everyday and sometimes write (mainly forum posts, commit messages, etc) so written communucation (email, IRC, forum, etc) is fine.
I'll soon provide you a draft of my GSoC project proposal with a more detailed description of the things I intend to implement. In the meanwhile, if you want, let me know what you think!



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If someone is interested, I updated my proposal draft (which more or less what I'm going to submit, deadline is near), with lot of details.

It's accessible at the same link you can see in the previous post.


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Checked the proposal again - very good! Great amount of technical detail, you've clearly put a lot of effort into it :)