GSoC Proposal - Tutorial Journey website(s) for players and modders


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Hello everyone,

I know this is last minute update. This idea is basic tutorial picker for the new contributor and for the player coming into the Terasology which in turn opens million possibilities for different tutorials. This is my Link to my GSoC proposal feel free to pour int your comments.


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So your proposal has definitely improved over time. But one oddity is that you keep adding completely new things that haven't come up at all or been linked to any involved GSOC Idea. That means your proposal makes it two steps forward then takes a big leap backward. Now there are brand new things we haven't talked about at all, on the very last day of proposal development, together with a few items that have been matured somewhat better. That leads to a very mixed and at times confusing proposal. I wish we had more time to really narrow down some more focused primary goals because the core objective (better tutorials) is really important and I hope we can make some progress there this summer :)