Happy Valentine's Day! Have a stable build with a well-timed bug


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
We have another stable build, this time less than two weeks since the last, yet still with more than two hundred commits, not counting modules! Everything is much more stable too, with just one itty bitty tiny bug:


So .. happy Valentine's Day! These are supposed to be fence blocks in the Cities module but thanks to a fun bug turned into pink blocks. Which could almost be like pink-leafed hedges, totally works ;)

As always the best way to get updates is using our Launcher!

Other notes for this release (full details in Jenkins):
  • New modules: CakeLie, CopperAndBronze, Journal, Minimap, MultiBlock, Workstation, Zones (blue highlight are additions to the WoodAndStone set)
  • NUI implementation is more mature now
  • More nodes and work for behavior trees (coming soon: music played via BTs!)
  • Various inventory improvements
  • Headless architectural work including a spiffy new "2D" mode that makes the world look more like Dwarf Fortress (the Minimap module relates closely to that) - not bundled within the main download though
  • Graphics got tweaked a bit, some stuff fixed and defaults changed. If the game crashes please try dropping everything in graphic settings to minimums and retry :)
  • New camera mode: Cinematic - extra smooth!
Other updates in general: