Intro Hello Everyone

  • Name: Jason Carr
  • Social:
  • From: Canada
  • Skills / Tools: Java/ PHP / HTML / JS
  • Found via: Github
  • Interests: Want to strengthen my Java chops by contributing to an open source project like this one. Terasology look interesting to me because I play lots of games and have a particular love for games with creative aspects like minecraft. my current fav is factorio which I play far, far too much.
  • Extra: I have done a lot of Java programming but it has entirely been my own personal stuff that I found interesting and never anything beyond that. In terms of actual software development I am a complete noob but I hope to improve through open source contributions like this.


New Member
Hi Jason!

Yup, as compared to other Java projects, I really love developing for Terasology since because it's a game, you can implement any fun or interesting ideas you might have and test them in-game, tweaking them to your liking. A good place to get started would be setting up your workspace and running the game from source. Check out the wiki here:

Hope to see you around! :)