Intro Hello folks

  • Name: Omar Ouassif AKA omomthings :D
  • Social: Github: , FB:
  • From: Morocco
  • Skills / Tools: Worked with a great bunch of technologies: J2SE, J2EE, Node js, C, C++, C#, Python, Android, libGDX, ECS, most known J2EE frameworks, for what could be relevant here... ;)
  • Found via: through GSoC
  • Interests: I'm interested in developping great solutions, from desktop programmes to gaming, for me the fun part is to have some problems and to solve them in a maneer that makes me learn something new every day! That's what I'm looking for: a new chalenge!
  • Extra: This extra part is a bit long, as I have a little story to tell about my self so I'll put it next (sorry if it's too long) :)

I may be getting in touch a little bit too late, but as I just discovered the GSoC a few days ago, I needed some time to get familiar with the concepts and to get hands on. However, I'm on my last year of scholarship and this is my last chance to be part a such a great event.
Talking about my skills, I have a great experience with J2SE developpement, especially Java 7 (about to pass the OCA certification). In the gaming field, I have developped some small games, mostly unfinished games, always from scratch, with complete code dev (with libGDX, no Unity editor helping :D).
To give an example, I will talk about a game I made two years ago. It's a mobile top-down exploration adventure game, developed with libGDX and implementing an Entity Component System. Along with the game, I used to edit the levels this great static lvl editor from Kotcrab, to which I have added a great functionality: continuous level streaming. That improvement gave the developer the ability to create non-static levels the way an open-world game would make it's world continuously rendering without interruption of the game for loading. However for compatibility and maintenance reasons, this functionality wasn't deployed publicly to the editor.
As it's my last year as a student, this is my last chance to get involved in the GSoC. That would be a great opportunity for me and i'm sure that I can be a good help.
Hopping to have the chance to prove my abilities, I'll start by getting hands on Terasology.


Hey Omar, not completely late, so long as you jump in and get working issues and getting to know the community! It's harder, but still entirely possible. Definitely a plus to know how Entity Component Systems work. Get a developer environment setup and come visit us in IRC, and that'll be the best start for you.
Hello SkySom, glade to finally have a response haha , uhm to be true I have already set up my environment and started working on code, I have even made a pull request for fixing too minor issues, nihal111 is working with me on it (#2527 , #2364). Next i'm about to start an optionnal improvement, (issue #2406) so I'm already in the heart of the beast haha !


Heh Glad to hear you've jumped in! Sorry about taking so long to reply, crazy with all the new contributors who pop up with GSOC.