Intro Hello from elwe74

  • Name:elwe74
  • Social:elwe74@github
  • From: Germany
  • Skills / Tools:I have studied physics and have done computer simulations, now I work as a Java developer. Mostly used programming languages: C++, java, bash; development chain: eclipse, svn, ant.
  • Found via: Searching for open source minecraft like games.
  • Interests: I like to build nice landscapes. I don't like the survival mode, it's too exciting. On terasology I would like to build a smoother terrain, more plants etc. But first I will have to learn how Terasology works...
  • Extra: Computer games which I have played for a long time: civilization-like: civilization in older versions, colonization, alpha-centauri; mmorpg: runescape and lord of the rings online.
    I like hiking to see nice landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, caves, trees, flowers, ...
    Now I have a little son, 9 month old, so I will not have as much time as I would like to have.
    My English is not so good, my fingers are slow and even in German I don't like to write large articles, so I try to write as few as possible.... Sorry, if it is too short!


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Nice to see an intro post of yours! :)

Good to have you on board, I just saw your PR on slope blocks, will have a look at that later ;)

P.S: Wich part of Germany are you from? Maybe we can meet up sometime with other German community members...